Harry Styles’ Reaction To Being Hit With A Bottle At His Chicago Concert Should Not Have Me Laughing Like This, OMG


IDK what’s going on, but crowds have been reallll bold lately.

Lady Gaga had something thrown at her on her Chromatica Ball tour…

Mila Kunis got booed in Brooklyn, for no real reason other than the fact that she’s not from there…

And now, we have someone throwing a bottle at Harry Styles during a Chicago tour stop.

Yup — in video circulating Twitter, he can be seen addressing the crowd on his Love On Tour when someone randomly shot a bottle at him…

Hitting Harry directly in the groin area.

The “Strong” singer immediately hunched over in pain as he reached down and clutched his crotch. “Well, that’s unfortunate,” he breathed into the mic, still looking down.

Harry takes a while to recover, shaking his legs and bouncing around as he attempted to gather himself.

“OK, shake it off,” he said aloud, drawing cheers of support from the crowd. He then started joking about the ordeal once the pain had subsided, before jumping back into the concert like the pro that he is.

Twitter: @TheHarryNews

DYING at his response — but on a more serious note, I’m glad he’s OK. Be nice out there, you guys.


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