Harry Potter: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Lupin As A Character


David Thewlis recently did an amazing job playing the complex character of John Dee in Netflix’s adaptation of The Sandman. The episode where he controls an entire dinner using Morpheus’s ruby is probably the best one in the show, and it’s all thanks to this actor’s ability to portray such a deranged character.

However, a lot of Harry Potter fans wouldn’t be sure if this Thewlis best role. The British actor portrayed Remus Lupin, Harry’s Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher and close friend, and there’s no doubt a lot of people imagine Thewlis whenever they picture the beloved werewolf. As a crucial part of the Marauders, Lupin is a fan favorite from the franchise, and people are not over him yet.


10/10 He’s Sirius’s Best Friend

One of people’s favorite parts of this franchise is Remus and Sirius’s friendship. The two Marauders spent most of their time at Hogwarts together, alongside James and Peter. Even though Sirius was a troublemaker, and Remus was more concerned with his studies, the two managed to get along just fine.

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Although the Marauders had plenty of flaws, there’s no doubt this group of friends were some of the best wizards of their generation. Without their efforts and bravery, it would have been impossible to defeat Voldemort. It’s truly regrettable all of them died while being so young.

9/10 He’s The Best Defense Against The Dark Arts Teacher

During Harry’s time at Hogwarts, it was impossible for Dumbledore to find a stable Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Two of them turned out to be Voldemort’s allies, one of them was a phony, and another one didn’t even try to teach the subject. However, luckily for Harry and the other students, Remus was the best professor Hogwarts has ever seen, who in one year managed to prepare them enough for a lifetime.

Sadly, in spite of Lupin being a brilliant wizard, the parents of Hogwarts students didn’t feel their children were safe enough with a werewolf around. One of the biggest problems in magical society is bigotry, and other wizards are sometimes incapable of seeing Remus beyond his werewolf condition.

8/10 He’s A Werewolf

When Lupin was a kid, he was attacked by werewolf Fenrir Greyback, who permanently turned him into a lycanthrope. Fortunately for Lupin, Dumbledore still allowed him to attend Hogwarts, providing him with the necessary tools, so he wouldn’t accidentally hurt anyone else.

Even though there are options to control this disease, Remus still has a hard time fitting into society. Remus gets fired for being a werewolf, one of the worst things that happen to a Hogwarts professor. For this reason, it’s been hard for him to find a stable job. Hopefully, under Hermione’s ruling magical society will be able to rid itself of its ignorance, and embrace all types of wizards.

7/10 He Believes Chocolate Is The Best Remedy

After Harry and the other students in the Hogwarts Express were attacked by Dementors, Remus made sure to give everyone a piece of chocolate. He gave chocolate as well to Harry most of the time he had to face these terrible creatures, which gave Lupin a reputation as a chocolate lover.

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Lupin, as well as Dumbledore, understands the restorative properties of food, especially comforting food like candies. Maybe it won’t heal a broken leg, but it can have a calming effect and cheer up a person. This not only shows Lupin’s emotional intelligence but also his nurturing nature.

6/10 He Has A Hard Time Believing He Could Be A Good Father

Even though Lupin is an amazing person and one of Harry’s parental figures, he was too afraid of facing the possibility of his unborn child carrying the disease that ruined his life. For this reason, he panicked and considered abandoning his wife and son, before Harry set him straight.

Fortunately, Teddy didn’t inherit his father’s condition, but he did inherit his mother’s metamorphous skills. Even though Lupin wasn’t alive to be Teddy’s father, there’s no doubt he would have been a terrific dad going by the way he used to treat his students.

5/10 He Dies Trying To Create A Better World For His Son

Harry Potter contains some of the most brutal deaths in books and movies since Rowling wasn’t afraid to kill off some of the most beloved characters in the series. However, probably the saddest deaths in the franchise are Tonks and Lupin, who died just after their child was born, unable to see him grow up.

Even though Lupin didn’t believe himself to be a good parent, he gave his life to allow his son to live in a better world. Still, it’s truly devastating that this character died so soon after finding happiness and worthiness within himself.

4/10 He Teaches Harry The Patronus Charm

When Harry uses the disarming charm against Stan Shunpike, Lupin is shocked that Harry uses such a harmless spell against people who are trying to kill him. Lupin suggests for Harry use a more effective spell, such as Stupefy, so he can properly defend himself.

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This is not the first time Lupin helps Harry with his defensive skills. When Harry has a hard time facing Dementors, Lupin teaches him how to cast the Patronus Charm, a spell that saves Harry more than once throughout the series. Without it, he would have easily died in the third and fifth books.

3/10 People Believe He Can’t Be A Teacher Because He’s A Werewolf

Even though he is probably the smartest wizard in Harry Potter, Dumbledore makes the worst decisions when it comes to professors. Not only he hires some of the most dangerous people as his Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers, but he also allows Snape to abuse his students and Trelawney to scare them to death.

Although Lupin is nowhere near being the most dangerous teacher to ever teach at Hogwarts, it’s true that his werewolf condition could endanger the students under the wrong circumstances. However, thanks to the potion Snape brews for him, most students are probably safer with Lupin than most of the other teachers at Hogwarts.

2/10 He’s As Smart As He’s Courageous

Even though Ravenclaws are supposed to be the house with the most intelligent students, it’s more common to find brilliant wizards in the Gryffindor house. Some examples of this are Hermione, Dumbledore, and Remus. This is proof of how the Hogwarts sorting system is not a definitive portrayal of a wizard’s identity and skills.

Remus is known for being one of the most intelligent people of his generation, often getting amazing grades when he was a Hogwarts student. As a teacher, as well, it’s obvious that Lupin has extensive knowledge of the subject, and it’s thanks to him that Harry learns the Patronus Charm, one of the best spells.

1/10 He Has A Great Fashion Style

Like most wizards born in a magical society, Lupin has a very particular fashion sense. His style of clothing is easily recognizable by the fans, even though he’s not as extravagant as other wizards, such as Dumbledore. He usually wears a brown suit and robes which are reminiscences of the various images shared by this Redditor.

However, in the books, Remus’s clothing are telling of the difficult life he’s had to live. When Harry first meets him, he makes a remark about the poor condition of his clothes. Since Remus has been ostracized from society, it’s been hard for him to carry on a normal life.

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