Harrison Ford’s MCU Casting Confirmed In Most Reliable Report Yet


Harrison Ford is officially joining the MCU and taking over for William Hurt as Thunderbolt Ross, starting in Captain America: New World Order.

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After several rumored reports, Thunderbolt Ross is officially getting recast as Harrison Ford is taking over for William Hurt and will star in Captain America: New World Order. Following the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame, the MCU has a new Captain America as Sam Wilson is taking over the mantle from Steve Rogers.

One of the situations that have been going on with a long-time MCU character is what the franchise would do with Thunderbolt Ross following the tragic passing of Hurt in 2022. However, it seemed as if Marvel Studios were planning on recasting the part as Star Wars legend Ford began being rumored to be tapped as the new Ross.


It appears the rumors are true as Deadline has confirmed that the MCU has a new Thunderbolt Ross, and it will be the Star Wars and Indiana Jones actor himself. The trade confirmed that Ford would start his time in Captain America: New World Order. Marvel Studios have yet to confirm if the rumors were true about Ford also appearing in the Thunderbolts movie.


Source: Deadline

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