Harley Quinn Cosplay Is a Costume Redesign DC Shouldn’t Ignore


Harley Quinn gets a makeover fairly often in comics, with this awesome new cosplay showing what kind of redesign she should go with for her next look!

In the wide world of DC Comics, Harley Quinn is an iconic Batman-adjacent character that mixes up her style whenever she feels the need to try something new. And now, in a pitch-perfect cosplay of Joker’s one-time girlfriend turned full-time hero, Harley gets a redesign that leans into her clown roots while also standing tall as a unique look that DC shouldn’t ignore!

Recently posted on Instagram by username @katyafern, cosplayer Katya Fernandes is a costume designer that thrives in taking her original looks to the next level. Dabbling in creating cosplays of characters hailing from the worlds of DC Comics, Marvel, Disney, Invincible, and even Assassin’s Creed, Katya always delivers on designs that are authentic, professional, and above all, exciting for fans to see.


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Well known in DC Comics for being a character that’s come a long way in terms of her career as an anti-hero and how she embraces certain aspects of her personal life (her now estranged relationship with Poison Ivy being one such example), Harley Quinn is in a state of constant evolution and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Giving fans iconic costume after iconic costume, Harley has always done something fun and new with her wardrobe and rarely disappoints when it comes to her choice of clothing, with this cosplay by Katya keeping in line with that trend.

Harley Quinn the Harlequin Returns In Cosplay Form!

Eliciting a sense of nostalgia stemming from a design that harkens back to Harley’s original red and black jester look, Katya flips this costume on its head by switching the color scheme to red and blue hues while retaining the same basic harlequin attire fans know and love. Edited by username @gyarmati_sandor with a burning circus in the background, Katya gives Harley her trusty oversized mallet weapon along with some extra jester flourishes like a flared-out skirt of sorts, a more regal design around her collarbone, shins, and wrists, and of course, a mischievous look on her face made complete by a black domino mask and all-white face makeup!

DC should take note of this more circus-inspired look for Harley as she not only looks better than ever thanks to Katya’s design, but with the added effects that a good edit can provide, she perfectly embodies the true look of a jester breaking bad as well. Harley Quinn changes her wardrobe more often than not while distancing herself from the more theatrical nature of her previous costumes, so maybe it’s time to bring that flair back with a vengeance…and a giant hammer too.

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