Halloween: Laurie Strode’s 10 Most Memorable Quotes, Ranked


Jamie Curtis will return one final time — allegedly — for the upcoming Halloween Ends, seemingly bringing Laurie Strode’s story to a close. Played by Curtis throughout seven films across four decades, Laurie is synonymous with the slasher genre, embodying the final girl trope to a tee.

Although she starts as a helpless teen, Laurie becomes a fierce warrior hardened by her life experiences. As one of the most iconic characters in horror, Laurie delivers many unforgettable quotes, both about herself and her perpetual nemesis, Michael Myers, and her words always ring true. Laurie Strode is the ultimate final girl.


“It Was The Boogeyman.”

Halloween (1978)

Laurie Strode is the basis for the modern scream queen. She is a terrified and vulnerable teenager during her first appearance in 1978’s Halloween, reluctant to believe in the Boogeyman. Ultimately, she realizes he is not only real, but she met him, and he tried to kill her.

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Her final lines to Doctor Loomis confirm Michael Myers’ otherworldly quality. At that point, the villain had no name, with the film and credits referring to him only as “the Shape.” Calling him “Boogeyman” was as good a description as any; even now, decades after his debut, Michael is still cinema’s ultimate boogeyman.

“Guys Think I’m Too Smart.”

Halloween (1978)

As the best final girl in the horror movie genre, Laurie is introverted but courageous. She spends most of her time babysitting or at home, and her closest friends state that she barely gets out or does anything “fun.”

Logically, Laurie attributes her lack of romantic experience to being “too smart.” It’s a surprisingly grounded moment in an otherwise intense film but a perfect summarization of who Laurie is as a character. She knows herself and acknowledges her strengths, even if they make her “uncool” in other people’s eyes.

“You Failed, Michael… Because I’m Not Afraid Of You.”

Halloween Resurrection (2002)

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later was a direct sequel to 1981’s Halloween II. It saw Laurie come face to face with Michael Myers once again, two decades after that fateful Halloween night. The film is formulaic and offers few surprises, but it does feature a stronger, more determined Laurie, willing to fight tooth and nail against her cursed brother.

Laurie’s story continues in Halloween: Resurrection, which sees her going up against Michael again. But this time, she is no longer afraid of him. He isn’t a boogeyman but a constant threat that she must kill by any means necessary. And while Laurie’s story doesn’t have a happy ending, she finally overcomes his curse, and that’s a beautiful end to her journey.

“He’s Waited For Me… I’ve Waited For Him.”

Halloween (2018)

Unlike everyone else in Haddonfield, Laurie knows Michael will return. The town seems to be wilfully denying that the masked killer might someday return, refusing to even entertain the possibility. However, Laurie knows best, and she is certain he will want to finish what he started.

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2018’s Halloween sees Laurie spending years preparing for Michael’s return, refusing to be the victim again. She trains and converts her house into a trap, successfully luring him in after he breaks out of prison and returns to Haddonfield.

“I’m Twice Divorced, And I’m A Basket Case.”

Halloween (2018)

Unfortunately, sexism is prevalent in today’s world. The media and the public will always be crueler and more unfair to a woman, judging her for her actions, behaviors, and mistakes. The documentarians in Halloween have genuine intrigue and maybe even concern for Michael, but they assume a confrontational attitude with Laurie.

When they mention how she’s infamous for being unstable and her failed marriages, Laurie calls them out on their double standard. The Laurie in 2018’s Halloween is fed up with letting others dictate how she should behave and isn’t afraid to come across as “difficult” if it means standing her ground.

“An Evil Like His Never Stops; It Just Grows Older.”

Halloween (2018)

Michael Myers has had many memorable moments throughout Halloween. Described as evil incarnate, Michael is a force of nature: unstoppable, terrifying, and unexpected. He won’t stop at anything because he has no thoughts or feelings.

The Laurie in the 2018 reboot clearly knows who he is. She knows Michael can’t be reasoned or negotiated with. Above all, Laurie understands that time might pass, but Michael’s need for blood will never change. Others might think her paranoid, but she knows better.

“I Was Wrong To Raise You The Way I Did, But… I Can Protect You.”

Halloween (2018)

Laurie’s trauma took over her life. It’s hard to blame her, considering she understood Michael’s nature better than anyone. Still, Laurie’s parenting style was less than ideal; her intentions were good, but she only succeeded in creating an unstable environment for her daughter, who distanced herself once she reached adulthood.

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Once Michael returns, Laurie’s fears become true, and Karen finally understands that her mother was right all along. Still, hearing Laurie acknowledge her mistakes as a parent is a great moment of self-awareness and bonding for both. Laurie’s strength comes from her love for her family, and her devotion to Karen is obvious in her words and, more importantly, her actions.

“Fear. People Are Afraid. That Is The True Curse Of Michael.”

Halloween Kills (2021)

Halloween Kills delves deeper into the effect Michael’s killing spree had on the town of Haddonfield. It wasn’t only Laurie who carried Michael with her; every inhabitant lived with his memory.

Laurie delivers many of the most memorable quotes in Halloween Kills; the most poignant is her claim that Michael’s most significant power is the fear he inflicts on others. He spent years locked away but left an indelible mark on the town. Halloween Kills sees Haddonfield take up arms against him, but things don’t end well, confirming Michael’s curse is very real.

“The More He Kills, The More He Transcends.”

Halloween Kills (2021)

Michael Myers has “died” numerous times but always comes back with a vengeance. The rebooted franchise suggests a supernatural element to his overwhelming power, seemingly confirming the theory that he is the genuine embodiment of evil.

Laurie also seems to understand this. During one of her most vulnerable scenes in Halloween Kills, she finally comes to terms with the fact that she is fighting someone beyond mortal comprehension. It’s a horrifying but ultimately cathartic realization; she is right to be afraid, but at least she now knows what she’s fighting.

“Maybe The Only Way He Can Die Is If I Die Too.”

Halloween Ends (2022)

The upcoming Halloween Ends will be the last chapter in the rebooted series. It will seemingly be the last time Laurie and Michael fight each other, bringing this over 40-year story to an exciting and long-overdue closure.

Trailers have hinted at a scenario where the heroine dies while taking down the bad guy, as evidenced by Laurie’s statement that Michael can only die if she dies too. It might be a little cliché, but it makes sense in the franchise’s context. Michael’s purpose seems to be to kill Laurie, so perhaps she indeed has to die for his evil to finally end. And after everything she’s been through, Laurie isn’t afraid to die if it means taking Michael down with her.

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