Halloween Ends Star Considers Allyson’s Future After Movie


Halloween Ends star, Andi Matichak, considers Allyson Nelson’s future after the events of David Gordon Green’s final film in his H40 trilogy.

Warning: SPOILERS lie ahead for Halloween Ends.Halloween Ends star, Andi Matichak, recently considered Allyson Nelson’s future after the events of the final film in the H40 trilogy. The latest entry in the decades-long slasher horror franchise sees the return of Jamie Lee Curtis in her last outing as the eponymous Final Girl, Laurie Strode. Taking place four years after the brutal events of Halloween Kills, Laurie attempts to reconcile with her past trauma through the writing of her memoir. However, after aiding Corey Cunningham (Rohan Campbell) with local bullies, they retaliate and inadvertently thrust Corey toward a fateful meeting with Michael Myers.


Matichak stars as Allyson, Laurie’s granddaughter, who survived the mayhem of both Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kills when her parents did not. Instead of heading off to college as she had planned, Allyson lives with Laurie as they both wrestle with the lingering trauma from that brutal Halloween night. Allyson finds herself drawn to Corey as he also struggles to deal with the accidental death of a child who was under his care years prior. After yet another bloody Halloween night, with Corey and Michael both wreaking havoc on Haddonfield, Allyson finally leaves town with hope for a better future.

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In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Matichak shares her thoughts about Allyson’s future following the events of Halloween Ends. When asked if she believes that her character will finally have a happy life post-Myers, the actor admits that she thinks Allyson will, while noting the trauma and loss will always be with her. See what Matichak shared below:

That’s the hope. After all the pain and trauma that she went through, she won’t be able to forget or pretend that it doesn’t exist, or just shove it to the side and act like it never happened. It’ll always be living in her, and hopefully, her vulnerability doesn’t affect all of her decisions and relationships moving forward. It’ll definitely play a part of it, but she’s got a long road ahead in terms of figuring out how to genuinely live in a way where it’s not always harmful. Maybe it can be helpful at times.

Will the Halloween Franchise Continue?

Director David Gordon Green has previously stated that Halloween Ends concludes his H40 trilogy of films. With Myers definitively dead and Curtis stating that she will no longer return to the role, the Halloween franchise appears to be a point that leaves its future uncertain. With no sequels possible due to the finality of Halloween Ends‘ narrative, the film series may find itself without another entry for at least the next decade or two, similar to Friday the 13th franchise.

John Carpenter’s original Halloween was intended to kick off an anthology film series that produced a new scary movie every year. However, due to the popularity of Myers, Halloween II brought the character back for a sequel that left him seemingly killed in the hopes of Carpenter getting back to his anthology plans. However, due to the negative feedback of Halloween III: Season of the Witch the following year, Myers was resurrected and killed off multiple times over the next 30 years. With the film series’ precedence set that evil never dies, Halloween Ends may not be the last time Myers stalks Haddonfield.

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