Halloween Ends Fails To Answer Our Biggest Michael Myers Question


The ending of the H40 trilogy was a satisfying conclusion, but it once again failed to answer the biggest Michael Myers question decades later.

Warning: Major Spoilers for Halloween Ends below!Halloween Ends concluded the H40 trilogy that begin in 2018, but it unfortunately failed to answer the biggest question about Michael Myers. Throughout all the canon films in the Halloween saga, Michael Myers has managed to escape death a countless amount of times, including situations in which he should have died. With Ends being the final film of the franchise for now, audiences would have expected an important question to be answered: Is Michael Myers immortal or a supernatural being?


The question of Michael Myers being immortal or supernatural in the Halloween films was only partially answered. While the Halloween Ends ending does answer whether evil really dies, there is no concrete explanation for why Myers is such a powerful human being. In the recent film Halloween Kills, the Haddonfield killer was ambushed by a town mob that repeatedly shot, beat, and stabbed him. And while it appeared the murderer was finally down for the count, this wasn’t the case, and he managed to kill his attackers and escape once again. The fact that he was able to survive many attacks that would be fatal in reality suggests to viewers that Myers is immortal or has some sort of supernatural abilities that prevent him from being killed as easily as the average human being. The final two films in the H40 trilogy indicate he is more than a man, but Ends doesn’t properly answer why Michael Myers was able to survive for as long as he did.

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Why It Took So Long To Kill Michael Myers

Michael Myers finally died in Halloween Ends after a killing spree that first began in John Carpenter’s Halloween from 1978. That film set up a sequel by having Michael escape in the end, and it eventually spawned many other sequels that were eventually retconned in favor of starting a new trilogy that continued the original story. Because there are many audiences that love the horror genre and the Halloween universe, it makes sense that Universal and other film studios involved would think to make an unbelievable amount of sequels to entice moviegoers to go to the theater to see a new entry.

Another explanation for why it took so long to kill Michael Myers is because the filmmakers behind this everlasting saga of films were likely able to come up with new stories they believed would be able to properly continue the story. While the reception for the movies isn’t always positive, $800 million grossed at the worldwide box office proves that audiences will continue to watch Michael Myers murder innocent people with his inventive kills. Halloween Ends may be the last movie in the franchise for now, but introducing a brand-new killer in a different town would be a creative way to keep it going.

How Halloween Ends Finished The “Michael Myers Is Immortal” Debate

The “Michael Myers is immortal” debate officially came to an end after the death of Michael Myers in the final Halloween film. After taking his body through a procession for the citizens of Haddonfield to see, Laurie Strode disposed of Michael’s body at an auto salvage yard where his body was dumped into an industrial shredder. If Michael Myers was immortal at any point up until his death in Halloween Ends, he isn’t anymore, and he can’t return in future films in this form unless a supernatural aspect is introduced.

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