GTA 6 Rumors (Not Leaks) Most Likely To Be True


There have been many rumors and speculation about what will be included in Grand Theft Auto 6, and there is a possibility some of will end up being true. Little is known about the state of development for the game other than what was reported to be true or leaked, with the 90 videos displaying several aspects of the game that many may have not predicted. However, considering what is currently known, there is a great possibility that many of these rumors might come true.


There has been a lot of speculation about Grand Theft Auto 6 which has occurred for a long time, with fans even finding it difficult to spot fake leaks from reliable rumors. With release date predictions that didn’t come true and rumors about the setting of the game during Rockstar’s silence about the development, many of them appeared and fizzled out as time went on. However, with the recent reports and leaks released about the game, many of these rumors and theories gained evidence to support that they might be implemented in the official release of Grand Theft Auto 6.

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Several rumors have emerged based on the biggest wishes for GTA 6 and Rockstar’s evolution in recent games, especially when considering settings and mechanics. Its new promise of diversity created rumors about its protagonist and setting, and they might become true, much like the ones about a female protagonist, a big deal for GTA, were confirmed by recent reports. Not only that, but speculation about how the game might implement certain role-playing features and more interior locations, might also become true according to leaks.

GTA 6 Could Have A Setting Inspired By Rio de Janeiro

One of the main rumors about Grand Theft Auto 6 is that it would have a different scenario inspired by somewhere outside the United States. Considering how Latin-American countries have a certain amount of significance when it comes to media depicting crime lords and extensive drug-trafficking schemes, the GTA franchise would benefit from this change. And ever since the release of the Project Americas rumors, fans have been speculating that this location would be Rio de Janeiro, given both its importance as a major tourist point in Brazil and its ties to organized crime.

A report published by Bloomberg suggests that this will be one of the GTA 6 rumors most likely to come true in the final version of the game. The leak revealed that there will be more than one location to visit, as Grand Theft Auto 6 would be one of the biggest Rockstar projects so far. It will include locations in the United States, but also feature others both to the north, and in South America. Considering both the leaks and the general importance of Rio de Janeiro, it seems likely that there will be a city inspired by it for players to explore, and potentially others in different countries, such as Colombia and Argentina.

GTA 6 Could Feature More Accessible Buildings

One of the biggest wishes for the release of Grand Theft Auto 6 was the game allowing players access to more buildings within the game, fixing GTA 5’s biggest open world problem. This was a feature that was present in previous installments of the series, which allowed players to access all kinds of buildings, like bowling alleys, restaurants, and gyms. But with the release of Grand Theft Auto 5, the number of accessible buildings and interior locations to be explored was significantly reduced. Although it seemed unlikely that the series would ever feature more accessible settings, with the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 in 2018, this became a true possibility, and it was rumored that the next installment of the series would bring back this extra exploration.

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The recent leaked Vice City scenario of GTA 6 and the videos showcasing characters interacting with the surrounding environment point to this rumor possibly coming true in the next game. The videos displayed new strings of interactions made possible in other buildings. In them, Lucia, one protagonist of the game, visited both a nightclub that appeared to be owned by one of her allies and robbed a diner, with new strings of interactions made possible at the register. This could indicate that the next installment of the franchise will let players visit more buildings within Vice City.

GTA 6 Could Offer More Role-Playing To Players

Role-playing in the Grand Theft Auto series was never one of its main goals, but it was popularized by a series of mods and player-run servers, which allowed the players to create their own characters and decide their backstories and the lives they lead in Los Santos. This new style of gameplay drove popular content creators from both YouTube and Twitch streamers to GTA RP, which helped Grand Theft Auto 5 attract even more attention. Due to this popularity, it was rumored that the sixth game of the series would offer official support for this and even implement certain role-playing features in the official single-player campaign.

The new leaks also point to this being the case, since it revealed certain new interactions the protagonist, Lucia, could have with NPCs. While there was no direct mention of official support to something like the modded online servers in Grand Theft Auto 5, it’s certainly possible that certain role-playing tools will be implemented in the next installment of the series. Even GTA 5’s emphasis in how each of its three main characters had different proficiencies and skills at the beginning of the story campaign could make a return as a proper role-playing tool, with players having to consider different strategies given the characters’ abilities. Not only that, but GTA 6 could bring back features from RDR2, like the ability to gain and lose weight, a reputation meter, and new NPC interactions.

Even before the first announcement that Grand Theft Auto 6 was in development, there were several rumors that arose about what would be featured in the game. And although some of them were completely absurd and wouldn’t be featured in the next game of the franchise, there are certain clues that have pointed to some of them being true. However, without a proper trailer and gameplay reveal made by Rockstar, there’s no way to know for certain what will be included.

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