GTA 6 Getting Dual-Wielding Would Take Its Action To The Next Level


Adding dual-wielding to Grand Theft Auto 6 would put it a step ahead on making its action sequences and combat become even better than its predecessors. With its re-introduction in Red Dead Redemption 2, this mechanic allowed players to create a typical western scenario in the game, and it heavily improved the combat within the series. And with the recent GTA 6 leaks revealing several improvements to weapons and combat mechanics, reintroducing this feature to the franchise can only make its action sequences even better.


The ability to dual-wield was present in certain installments of the Grand Theft Auto series but was scrapped in more recent releases. In Grand Theft Auto 2, there was a specific Dual Pistol weapon that gave Claude the ability to shoot twice as fast and efficiently, but due to its limitations this was changed in GTA: San Andreas, with dual-wielding becoming a Weapons Skill reward, but still being restricted to certain weapons. However, in other games made by Rockstar, several improvements were made to the dual-wielding mechanic. With the release of Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption 2, players could dual wield any single-handed weapons in any combination of their choice. And the return of this feature in GTA 6, with the upgrades made by Rockstar in other games, could make its combat one of the best in the franchise.

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Dual-wielding is a powerful mechanic that can heavily impact how action sequences are perceived by players. By following the model of the feature established in Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA 6 could allow for more diverse character builds and a deeper level of weapon customization. It could also be the new key towards bringing back the skills from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas back into the franchising, reintroducing a key element in rewarding character development in the series.

Dual-Wielding Could Make Combat In GTA 6 Even Better

Although the Ammu Nation stores were a location present in most installments of the franchise, weapon customization was an essential part of GTA 5, especially in GTA Online, which GTA 6 must start again. It became such an important feature that it was adapted for the wild-west scenario of Red Dead Redemption 2, allowing players to not only boost their weapon’s performance but also customize its looks. This became even more meaningful when combined with the game’s dual-wielding mechanic, which allowed players to create overpowered strategies. This could become even more prominent in Grand Theft Auto 6, allowing players to combine the ability with their own overpowered weapons and wreak havoc in different ways, making for interesting action sequences.

Not only that but reintroducing this mechanic into the franchise could also be a key element in bringing back a more rewarding version of skills and qualities, a great roleplaying feature that should be supported by GTA 6. This was the case in GTA: San Andreas, in which perfecting skills could unlock certain special abilities. Dual-wielding certain weapons was a reward for achieving the Hitman level in the Weapons skill in San Andreas. This showcased the proficiency Carl Johnson, the protagonist, gained when dealing with single-handed firearms throughout the time played. Given that Grand Theft Auto 6 seems to be returning to the franchise’s root, bringing back older scenarios in a more modernized way, reintroducing an improved dual-wielding mechanic as a skill reward could be the first step into making skill rewards better.

According to the recent leaks, Grand Theft Auto 6 has the potential to be one of the best games of the series, looking back on the franchise’s history and reviving certain locations and features. While many consider that the present-day GTA Vice City scenario is a mistake, reviving a great mechanic such as dual-wielding would make combat, one of GTA’s strongest mechanics, even more meaningful – and character development roleplaying mechanics more significant.

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