Gotham Knights’ 30 FPS Cap & Lack Of Performance Mode Angers Fans


Fans are upset by the recent revelation that Gotham Knights, a current-gen-only title, will be locked at 30FPS with no performance mode.

A week before Gotham Knights‘ release date, developer WB Games Montréal has revealed that its current-gen-only console versions will be locked at 30fps, and Batman fans are not happy. The upcoming co-op action game is not being developed by the same team as the highly regarded Batman Arkham trilogy, but it will still carry on the iconic character’s legacy in multiple ways. For instance, Gotham Knights’ open world will include Arkham Asylum, which players will be able to explore.


The new game is set to feature a version of Gotham that will be far larger and more layered than any previous video game interpretation of Batman’s fictional city. Players will be able to control Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood, and Tim Drake’s Robin in the fast-paced action title. The game supports up to two players at once, and a separate 4-player co-op mode is coming to Gotham Knights in November. However, one of the game’s recently revealed limitations is stirring up frustration among players who were looking forward to the game.

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The current-gen console version of Gotham Knights will release next week with its gameplay locked at 30 frames per second. As reported by Game Rant, fans are upset to learn this fact, especially after Gotham Knights was canceled on last-gen systems, ostensibly to improve performance to current-gen standards. Many high-profile games released on newer systems like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S often allow players to choose between a higher-quality mode locked at 30fps or a performance mode that supports 60fps. Responses on Twitter have been primarily negative, with some user medster101 using a clip of Colin Farrell’s Penguin from The Batman to convey their frustration. Others, like TonyBingGaming, are comparing Gotham Knights‘ visuals with the impressive graphics of Batman’s previous game, Arkham Knight.

Gotham Knights Is Lacking Batman And 60FPS Gameplay

It was assumed that the new game would be able to handle 60fps using newer-generation hardware, and one wonders why the last-gen versions were canceled if the game is still incapable of running at higher frame rates on consoles. Still, PC players will be able to enjoy the game without such a frame rate cap. Future Gotham Knights DLC or free updates could potentially add the performance mode to the game’s console versions, but this is just conjecture.

Although the game does not take place in the same Batman timeline as the past Arkham games, Gotham Knights will feature villains like Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze, and many more of the series’ deadliest foes. Many players are anxious to see how Gotham City holds up without Batman. In contrast, others are interested to see if Gotham Knights can be a hit with fans without the caped crusader and without higher frame rate gameplay for its console versions.

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