Ghosts Season 2 Sets Hour Long Christmas Special With Returning Character


A Christmas special has been announced for Ghosts season 2 with a guest returning that hasn’t been seen since season 1. Based on the BBC One sitcom of the same name, Ghosts began airing on CBS in 2021. The show follows two New Yorkers – Sam, played by iZombie‘s Rose McIver and Jay Arondekar, played by Pitch Perfect’s Utkarsh Ambudkar – as they move into the Woodstone mansion that Sam inherited from a distant relative. However, unbeknownst to them is the fact that the home is inhabited by the souls of those who died on the property. After a head injury, Sam develops a sense of mediumship that allows her to communicate with the ghosts, and soon she finds herself helping resolve her supernatural housemates’ post-existential crises.


The show proved to be a big hit for CBS, leading the network to order Ghosts season 2 in no time. The new season premiered last month, resolving the cliffhanger ending of season 1, which saw Sam and Jay fall off the weakened Woodstone floor into the basement. After a fake-out, it is quickly revealed that Jay still cannot see the ghosts despite his head injury, yet the comedic hijinks remain as Sam and Jay team up with the ghosts to help make their B&B business at Woodstone flourish.

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Now, TVLine has announced that Ghosts season 2 will air an hour-long Christmas special on Thursday, Dec. 15. The episode will see the return of Bela (Punam Patel), Jay’s sister who first appeared in season 1, episode 12. Bela will come down to the Woodstone mansion with a platonic friend, but due to her zeal for holiday rom-coms, Sam will be determined to bring the duo together. The ghosts, however, will not vibe with Sam’s enthusiasm and will hatch their own plan surrounding Bela.

Will The Ghosts Win Against Sam

As some of McIver’s fans might notice, Ghosts‘ Christmas special is a fun nod to the actress’s own time doing holiday rom-coms as she was previously known for her work in the Christmas Prince trilogy. Much like the actress, McIver’s character is also obsessed with the magic of the holidays and Christmas rom-coms in Ghosts season 2, and given that she already considers Jay’s sister as her own, viewers can expect her to go all out as she plays cupid between Bela and her escort. The ghosts, however, would be more cautious of the new visitor, and might deem him not the best match for Bela. With Sam and the ghosts acting against each other, audiences can look forward to hilarious mayhem and drama as both parties vie to do what they think is best for Bela.

Clearly, Ghosts is doubling down on the holiday fun this season. It already has a big Halloween episode planned, where the boundaries between the ghosts and the living will become blurred. And now, the show is following up on that with a mega Christmas special as well. As the show uses the holidays to its best benefit, it will hopefully help keep the viewers hooked, continuing to rake in bumper viewership figures for the already-hit sitcom. And with the kind of investment that CBS sees to be putting into Ghosts, a season 3 renewal does not seem too far off.

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