Genshin Impact 3.2 Banner Leaks: What New & Returning Characters Are Next


Though Genshin Impact has announced officially what new characters are coming to Version 3.2, HoYoverse has yet to release the other 5-star characters that will be having a Banner in the newest patch. Many fans are excited about the arrival of the new Dendro Archon Nahida, and the sleepy scholar, 4-star Cryo user Layla. Though these announcements have been plenty to tide some fans over, eager fans are still trying to find more information regarding Genshin Impact 3.2 – most importantly, what new and returning characters are coming.


Every Genshin Impact patch comes with 5-star characters that players can Wish for during its runtime. These are divided into groups of two, with two Banners releasing for the first half of the update and two Banners for the second half. While many players view it as a spoiler to know what’s coming to these Banners preemptively, others use this as an opportunity to start saving for characters they want, or as an early sign to start saving for another patch. For those looking ahead, many of the characters and Banners for Genshin Impact 3.2 have already been confirmed or leaked online.

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Already, HoYoverse has announced its two newest characters coming to Genshin Impact Version 3.2, Layla and Nahida. Layla is the newest 4-star character and is a Sword user with a Cryo Vision. She’s also a potential support character coming to the game. Though she hasn’t been seen in the story yet, fans are excited to see what she has to offer in the game, and most are already in love with her sleepy demeanor. Next, the newest Archon coming to the game is Nahida, the Dendro Archon. Wielding a Catalyst as a weapon, Nahida is looking like one of the most interesting Archons so far in terms of design. Finally, although not officially released, leakers are pointing at Yomiya, Tartaglia, and Yae Miko as the other 5-star characters returning during Version 3.2.

Genshin Impact 3.2 Character Leaks: Yomiya, Tartaglia, & Yae Miko

For Genshin Impact Version 3.2, Genshin Leaker Teyvat Tabloid has posted that for the first half of the Banners, alongside, Nahida and Layla, will be Pyro user Yoimiya. For the second half, they are expecting to have Hydro, Bow wielder Tartaglia and Electro, Catalyst user Yae Miko for the Banners. These 5-star characters, despite having different levels of popularity, should cause some levels of hype when officially announced. Besides this, no leakers have put out any information on what 4-star characters will return to accompany Layla on her Genshin Impact 3.2 Banner.

Many players are intrigued by Genshin Impact’s choice to bring back Yoimiya first, so soon after her last Banner, and before more popular characters like Tartaglia and Yae Miko, though many speculate that this decision is to help raise the popularity of Nahida herself. That being said, Yoimiya is a great Pyro Main-DPS in her own right, and has a devout following of fans. On the other hand, the Eleventh Fatui Harbinger Tartaglia and the Shrine Maiden Yae Miko are huge fan-favorite characters, causing those who don’t possess them to consider passing on both Nahida and Yoimiya.

Although these Banners aren’t set in stone yet and could change before their official announcements, these leaks help give players an idea of what to do with their Primogems. Whether players want the newest characters Layla or Nahida, an old favorite like Tartaglia, or a second chance to get Yae Miko, these leaks should prove to be invaluable in helping them plan. Though Genshin Impact Version 3.2 is still far away, those looking ahead want to start planning for these Banners as soon as possible.

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