Final Fantasy’s Most Unfair Boss Fight Is Also One Of Its Best


Final Fantasy 12 features a boss fight that is not only one of the series’ hardest, but also one of its most exhilarating. The battle against Yiazmat isn’t required to beat the game and is only a side quest for players looking to challenge themselves. Like many bonus bosses in JRPGs, Yiazmat is a true test of the player’s mastery of the game.

Final Fantasy 12 departs from series tradition in a few ways, with the most obvious example being its battle system. Its battles take place in real-time rather than being turn-based and rely on having Gambits (an in-game AI system) to ensure characters perform their tasks correctly. This gives Final Fantasy 12 a resemblance to an MMORPG despite being a single-player game. Yiazmat was one of the final enemies in the game, available to fight as an Ultimate Mark in the Montblanc’s Clan Centurio Hunts. It would be a worthy option to appear in Magic the Gathering‘s Final Fantasy crossover, just for its sheer power alone. Players who accepted this battle would find a more difficult fight than the final boss of the story, demanding a top-level party to have any chance of survival.


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Yiazmat had a total of 50,112,254 HP, the highest health total in the series. Since the party can only inflict a maximum of 9999 damage per hit, this alone would make Yiazmat a serious endurance test. To make the fight even more difficult for the player, Yiazmat absorbs Holy damage and resists every other magical element except for dark. Final Fantasy 7‘s dangerous Safer Sephiroth had less impenetrable defenses, and it was FF7‘s penultimate fight. It’s also much more difficult than other Final Fantasy superbosses like Ozma in FF9 or Penance in FF10. Yiazmat is weak to dark magic, but that’s its only real weakness. Yiazmat is also immune to most status conditions, requiring the player to beat it in a fair fight.

FF12’s Yiazmat Is Final Fantasy’s Longest Boss Fight

In the fight, Yiazmat is outfitted with a selection of powerful moves. It even has an attack that can cause instant death if it hits. The player will have to constantly keep track of not only themselves but their party members as well as they balance dealing damage with buffing and healing. Yiazmat also has a nasty trick up its sleeve for the final portion of the fight. It can cast Reflega on the player’s party, reflecting any magic cast on them, including healing magic. This means that attempting to cast Renew could instead fully heal Yiazmat, potentially undoing over an hour of work. Even Final Fantasy‘s final bosses don’t have any moves this underhanded in their arsenal.

Yiazmat returned in Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age, also appearing in that game’s Trial Mode, and in a less powerful form. This version has just shy of 4 million HP and lowered stats compared to the original. The fact that the game’s damage cap of 9999 was removed actually works in the player’s favor, letting them deal more damage to the beast much more quickly. Although still a lengthy fight, The Zodiac Age‘s Trial Mode version of Yiazmat is nowhere near the terrifying super boss that could lock players in multi-hour duels. And thanks to the speed-up options in Zodiac Age, the fight can go much quicker, lessening the battle fatigue people have felt in the original version. Although it’s not to the level of Sephiroth being Final Fantasy‘s weakest final boss, Zodiac Age‘s Yiazmat can be a bit easier.

Yiazmat may be the peak of Final Fantasy‘s bonus bosses. With a mountain of HP and several ways to take down the player, it’s one of the most threatening enemies in the series. Most players are likely thankful that it’s not a required fight. Yiazmat is not only Final Fantasy 12′s toughest challenge, but one of the toughest in the series.

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