Extreme Liv Morgan Acting Like A Modern-Day Lita Kinda’ Rules


Liv Morgan‘s growth as a character and performer propelled her to the top of WWE SmackDown‘s Women’s Division, but her newfound edge will keep her there. Over the last several years, Morgan cultivated a following based on always being the underdog. The one in the match who was fighting from underneath but still always showed a ton of heart. Following her loss to Ronda Rousey at Extreme Rules, it appears that something has snapped for Morgan, and it just might be the most interesting development she’s had on screen yet.


Morgan and Rousey didn’t exactly tear down the house at the premium live event, thanks partly to some ill-conceived spots and uncooperative furniture. That kind of thing happens sometimes (ask Sasha Banks and Charlotte), but it’s the end of the fight that had fans talking. Morgan passed out in Ronda’s hold while maintaining what appeared to be a smile on her face. The commentary team pointed the detail out, so the odds are good that it was something that WWE wanted the audience to catch onto. They did, which translated to fans wondering what this could mean for The Miracle Kid. Morgan’s darker side has been teased repeatedly during her time in WWE, and her giving into a more reckless version of herself makes her even more compelling.

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Liv Morgan Thrashing Sonya Deville Should Just Be The Start

The blue brand’s Women’s Division is wide open now, with Rousey likely preparing to go on a tear as champion. There are plenty of exciting opportunities for Morgan in the middle of the card, though, and her feud with Sonya Deville should just be the beginning. During the October 14 episode of SmackDown, Deville was in the middle of cutting a promo about how Morgan failed to seize her opportunity at Extreme Rules. Before she could get too far, Liv attacked her. The segment ended with Morgan laying Deville out on a table before ascending backstage, scafolding and executing a senton onto her prone rival. The camera circled to Morgan, who appeared to be laughing and smiling even though she was in pain. “What has gotten into Liv Morgan?” Michael Cole asked as SmackDown rolled on.

What’s gotten into Morgan appears to be some legit character development. Fans turned on her a bit following her win over Rousey at SummerSlam. That had more to do with the match finish than anything. But that doesn’t change how audiences started to respond to Liv. The happy-to-be-here babyface works for a little while, but eventually, wrestlers need to start taking on layers that make them unique. That’s what appears to be happening with Liv Morgan right now. She appears to be taking on the kind of edge that made Lita so popular during the Attitude Era. The daredevil spots have also gotten Darby Allin ridiculously over in AEW.

Think about how acts like Becky Lynch, Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, and Alex Bliss have depth because they’ve grown and evolved as performers on screen. It’s easy to forget that Morgan is just 28 years old, which is pretty young for a professional wrestler. Several Hall Of Fame-caliber pros have stated that wrestlers typically hit their prime around 35, so fans have watched Liv grow into her character live and in real-time. This new extreme, risk-taking edge will ensure that Morgan stays fresh on WWE television and open her up to a different section of the overall fan base as the company slowly approaches WrestleMania season.

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