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Love At First Lie, the first-ever relationship mystery competition series, is set to launch on MTV. The show will feature Tori Spelling as the host.

MTV is launching its brand-new reality TV show, Love At First Lie, and there is plenty to learn about the new series. The show will be hosted by Tori Spelling, who has hosted various series, and acted in TV shows, such as Beverly Hills 90210. Tori is all set to catch everyone’s lies on her new show. MTV experimented with its content this time, and brought a unique concept that creates a bit of exciting mystery. On the show, contestants and viewers will try to figure out which duos are in real relationships, and which couples are faking it. This show may take viewers on a thrilling and refreshing ride.


Love At First Lie is set to premiere on October 12, in 170 different countries. According to MTV, the show will consist of 12 episodes, featuring eight couples. The viewers will be juggling between the Love At First Lie couples, trying to figure out which pairs are really in love. They’ll also try and guess which couples are pretending to be romantically involved. Contestants on the show will be facing an array of hurdles during their journeys on the series.

Which Couple Will Win Love At First Lie?

The couples will play power games that put their relationships to the test. These competitions will help viewers to learn about the couples’ behavior, which may make it easier to see which contestants are honest, and which ones are anything but. There will be a “Truth Ceremony,” that will be held at the end of the episode. During this ritual, contestants will try to determine which pair features con artists. At the end of the episode, an impostor couple will get eliminated.

If the cast members can effectively weed out the set of liars, $25,000 worth of prize money will be added, following each and every correct guess. As a duo will get voted off at the end of each of the 12 episodes, the last remaining couple will win Love At First Lie. The ultimate catch is that the winning couple doesn’t need to be a real couple, as it can be a fake one too. Authentic or not, the last remaining pair will win a cash prize of $100,000. Tori’s hosting should make the show more interesting to watch. The star has prior experience in that vein, as she was at the helm as a co-host on Messyness, and appeared in Ridiculousness.

It will be interesting to watch Love At First Lie contestants fighting over real or fake couples. Viewers will get the chance to play along with the stars of the series, which should hold the audience’s attention. To test their own instincts, fans can tune into the deceiving world of this MTV series.

Love at First Lie premieres tonight on MTV. Fans can tune in at 9:30 p.m. ET.


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