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Warning: Spoilers for Werewolf by Night

For Werewolf by Night, Marvel assembled a small gathering of MCU monster hunters for a fight with an iconic Marvel Comics creature. What happened at Bloodstone Manor in the Halloween special served as a standalone story for the MCU, but could always lead to more adventures in the MCU. Some of the characters have the potential to appear in Marvel’s upcoming Multiverse Saga installments.

The hunt for Man-Thing introduced some key characters from the supernatural side of the Marvel Universe and paved the way for similar stories in the day ahead. Marvel Comics boasts a long list of monster-hunting superheroes and villains, some of which being Ulysses Bloodstone, Devil-Slayer, Blade, Moon Knight, Moonhunter, and more. Though a large portion of the characters featured in the special are original to the MCU, a few of them could be crucial to what comes next. Arguably the most high-profile new addition was the target of the hunt himself, especially since Man-Thing is a major figure in the comic books. However, some of the humans involved in the hunt are likely to be important as well. Here’s every monster hunter featured in Werewolf by Night.


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Ulysses Bloodstone

The character responsible for bringing all the monster hunters together in Marvel’s Werewolf by Night special, Ulysses Bloodstone, was hailed by Verussa as the greatest of them all and the “leader” of the fight against monsters. For centuries, Ulysses used a powerful artifact known as the Bloodstone in order to aid him in his crusade. According to Verussa, the Bloodstone gives the owner super strength, durability, and longevity, which explains his age. This description is consistent with what’s known of the comic book version of the hero, who led several groups of monster hunters during his long life.

In the comics, Ulysses’ monster-hunting career kicked off ten thousand years ago when he first came in contact with the Bloodstone, which is actually a fragment of a meteorite. When its destruction caused the Bloodstone to become lodged in his chest, he became embroiled in a conflict with an alien demon called Ulluxy’l Kwan Tae Syn, a powerful being that slew his entire tribe. Afterward, Ulysses devoted his life to seeking revenge and ridding the world of monsters like Ulluxy’l.


Played by Leonard Lam, Liorn was one of the monster hunters who showed up for Ulysses Bloodstone’s funeral. He was also the first casualty of the fight over the Bloodstone. An original creation of the MCU, Liorn stood out for his proficiency with a mini crossbow, but his skills obviously weren’t good enough to give him a victory over Elsa.

Joshua Jovan

Kirk Thatcher’s Joshua Jovan was the axe-wielding monster hunter who bragged about killing 57 monsters at the beginning of Werewolf by Night. He proved to be a challenging opponent to the main characters, but ultimately went down to Man-Thing. Since his name doesn’t connect him with any Marvel Comics villain, it seems that Jovan is yet another original MCU character.

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Werewolf By Night

In the comic books, Jack Russell a.k.a. Werewolf by Night is a major Marvel Comics hero who suffers from a curse that has haunted several generations of his ancestral bloodline. During his travels and search for a cure, Jack found himself in fights with all sorts of supernatural beings, including Ghost Rider, Frankenstein’s Monster, other werewolves, and even Count Dracula himself. In addition to developing a large rogues’ gallery, the Werewolf by Night has also enjoyed team-ups with key figures in the superhero community, such as Spider-Man and Iron Man.

Gael Garcia Bernal’s take on Jack Russell was among the warriors present at Bloodstone Temple in Werewolf by Night. Per his own admission, Jack isn’t a true monster hunter, but seemingly earned that reputation by virtue of his fights with various MCU creatures. It would seem that the werewolf curse has forced Jack into numerous unwanted battles over the years, not at all unlike what happened to the comic hero. It would seem that during that time, he made an ally out of at least one of the monsters he’s encountered. At some point, he formed an unusual and rather unexpected friendship with Man-Thing.


Like several of the others, Barasso doesn’t appear to be based on any existing character from Marvel Comics. Portrayed by Daniel J. Watts, Barasso used martial arts to fight the werewolf but ended up being no match for the beast. After somehow surviving having a piece of his neck ripped out by the werewolf, Barasso met his end at the hands of Elsa.


In Werewolf by Night, Eugenia Bondurant played Azarel, a brand-new MCU character. Very little is known about the MCU’s Azarel, but her abilities with Elsa in the special showcased her talents as a fighter. But while she managed to outlast Barasso, Jovan, and Liorn, she ultimately wasn’t able to beat Laura Donnelly’s Elsa Bloodstone, and was subsequently killed in a sword fight near the end of the battle.

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Verussa Bloodstone

It was indicated in the Halloween special that despite being the host of the ceremony and not one of the participating monster hunters, Harriet Sansom Harris’s Verussa Bloodstone was quite knowledgeable and experienced in the area. It’s likely that Verussa, who was Ulysses’ lover, was a retired monster hunter and perhaps a former ally of the character. As for whether or not she exists in the comics, Werewolf by Night’s main villain doesn’t appear to have a comic counterpart, as there was never any mention in the source material of someone by her name or a stepmother to Elsa.

Elsa Bloodstone

Laura Donnelly’s Elsa Bloodstone is the estranged daughter of Ulysses and the person he had originally chosen to be his successor. But as Verussa says in Werewolf by Night, Elsa’s “decades of absence” from Ulysses’ life caused her to lose her claim on the Bloodstone. But now, she has it in her possession and is in a position to follow in the footsteps of the comic book hero. Like the MCU character, Marvel Comics’ Elsa Bloodstone was trained by Ulysses to carry on the family name and become a formidable monster hunter in her own right. Years after Ulysses’ death, Elsa served as a member of various supernatural superhero teams and played roles in multiple comic book crossovers. After Werewolf by Night’s ending, Marvel now has the setup it needs to take the MCU character in the same direction.

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