Every Game Coming To Xbox Game Pass (October 2022)


The month of October promises to be a good one for Xbox Game Pass members, with the service officially announcing its lineup of games coming this month. In the spirit of “spooky season,” many of the games confirmed for October are either squarely in the horror genre or closely skirt its edges, including a couple of day-one releases scheduled to appear on the service. Some popular games will also be leaving the Game Pass in October, which players may want to try before the opportunity is gone.


The Xbox Game Pass from Microsoft has a number of different tiers, and the available games depend on the tier to which a player subscribes, since said tiers largely align with the user’s platform. Game Pass is frequently considered one of gaming’s best deals, in part because of its constantly rotating selection. A new subscription tier, the Xbox Game Pass friends and family plan, will soon be available as well.

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In keeping with the theme of the season, many of the new games coming to Xbox Game Pass in October 2022 will appeal to lovers of the horror and action-adventure genres. Many of them include creepy environments, grotesque monsters, and frightening, even horrific narratives, but others are more kid-friendly even while maintaining the Halloween spirit. The games coming to and leaving Game Pass in October are detailed below, followed by a listing of all addition and removal dates.

Chivalry 2 Is Available On Xbox Game Pass October 4

Originally released in June 2021 for consoles and PC, Chivalry 2 joins the Xbox Game Pass lineup on October 4. The sequel to 2012’s Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Chivalry 2 is not a horror game, but it is focused on hack-and-slash combat with often bloody results. Set in the European Middle Ages, players in Chivalry 2 (whose new map changed the game for many) are equipped with era-appropriate melee and ranged weapons and engage in multiplayer battles, attacking and defending castles, or joining in 40-person Brawls using unconventional weapons (including a loaf of bread and a turkey leg) to beat their opponents into submission.

Medieval Dynasty Will Launch For Xbox Game Pass On October 6

For those who enjoy the Medieval setting but prefer a slower, single-player game focused on survival, crafting, and role-playing, Medieval Dynasty offers exactly that. Players begin as a young man alone in the world who must develop his skills – including hunting, farming, construction, and interpersonal relations, among others – in order to survive and flourish in an unforgiving environment. Medieval Dynasty provides a massive open world to explore and many quests to undertake as players build a community, raise a family, and rise to greatness in the early Middle Ages.

The Walking Dead Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass

Available for PC, the massively interactive The Walking Dead games (The Complete First Season and The Walking Dead: Season Two) are both coming to Game Pass on October 6. Based on the popular AMC television program (itself derived from the comic book series by Robert Kirkland), The Walking Dead games from Telltale are set in the same post-apocalyptic world, though the characters and stories are unique to the games. A graphic adventure game, The Walking Dead focuses on narrative and character development rather than puzzle solving, with players forced to make difficult choices that influence story events and other characters’ reactions.

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The episodes of The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season follow a new character, Lee Everett, a convicted criminal who becomes the surrogate father to Clementine, a girl who loses her parents amidst the zombie apocalypse. In Season Two, Clementine’s adventures in Telltale’s Walking Dead games continue as she struggles to survive the attacks of the undead and the machinations of her human companions. Both games invite players to directly confront the horror of survival when everything falls apart, a fitting theme for autumnal October.

Day One Games Available On Xbox Game Pass In October

Two new games will be available on Game Pass on the first day of their release. On October 14, Scorn – a first-person, horror-adventure game for PC and Xbox – will be published by Kepler Interactive. Lost on a distant planet teeming with hideous monsters and techo-organic, human-machine hybrids, players will mod themselves using found weapons and tech to survive. A Plague Tale: Requiem, another day-one title, will appear on October 18. Published by Focus Entertainment, the game is a sequel to A Plague Tale: Innocence (a next-gen upgrade improved the game soon after release); an action-adventure stealth game, it follows two young siblings searching to cure a fatal disease.

Some New Xbox Game Pass Additions Are Family Friendly

Halloween may be spooky, but not all video games are horror-themed. Coming to Xbox Game Pass in October are Costume Quest, an RPG (from publisher THQ) in which trick-or-treaters turn into live versions of their costumes to battle monsters; Eville, developed by the German studio VestGames, a multiplayer murder-mystery game; and Dyson Sphere Program, a factory simulation game from Youthcat Studios and Gamera games. While parental discretion is always advised, these games will likely be more suited to younger players than some of the earlier games on this list.

Perks, Additions, And Departures On Game Pass In October

Players get free in-game content with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and several special perks will be available on October 11. One of these is a Housewarming Bundle for Eville, which consists of bonus outfits and trophies for players to display in their virtual homes. Other Ultimate perks are the Deluxe Edition Upgrade to Need for Speed Heat, the street racer game; and the From Above Weapon Charm for use in Apex Legends.

Every game coming to Xbox Game Pass in October 2022

Games Date Added To Game Pass Platforms
Chivalry 2 October 4 PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Cloud
Medieval Dynasty October 6 Xbox Series X/S
The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season October 6 PC
The Walking Dead: Season 2 October 6 PC
Costume Quest October 11 Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Cloud
Eville October 11 PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
Dyson Sphere Program October 13 PC
Scorn October 14 PC, Xbox Series X/S, Cloud
A Plague Tale: Requiem October 18 PC, Xbox Series X/S, Cloud

Every Game Leaving Xbox Game Pass in October 2022

Games Date Leaving Xbox Game Pass Platforms
Bloodroots October 15 PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Cloud
Echo Generation October 15 PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Cloud
Into The Pit October 15 PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Cloud
Ring of Pain October 15 PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Cloud
Sable October 15 PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Cloud
The Good Life October 15 PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Cloud

Many games are coming to Xbox Game Pass in October, including some day-one releases. But as new games are added to the Game Pass Library others are removed. October will see the departure of some older titles, including Bloodroots, Echo Generation, Into the Pit, Ring of Pain, Sable, and The Good Life. Players of those games should hurry and finish their adventures, and be prepared to welcome the slate of new games coming to Xbox Game Pass this month.

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