Every Clue That Kojima’s Next Game Is Death Stranding 2


Gaming auteur Hideo Kojima is currently teasing a new game, and evidence points to Death Stranding 2 as the project’s identity. 2019’s post-apocalyptic delivery simulator, which stars Norman Reedus as protagonist Sam Bridges, marked Kojima’s first release since the launch of Metal Gear Solid 5 and his departure from Konami. Kojima recently began teasing his next project, though the exact nature of this upcoming game remains a mystery. Back in May, Norman Reedus seemingly confirmed Death Stranding 2 is in development, and there are clues suggesting that this leaked sequel is the game currently being teased.


Kojima Productions is known for close collaboration with PlayStation, with Death Stranding releasing as a PlayStation 4 exclusive before making its way to PC. Despite this relationship, back in June it was revealed that Kojima is currently collaborating with Microsoft on a project that will make use of Xbox Game Studios’ cloud gaming technology. This state-of-the-art technology will apparently allow Kojima to finally realize a unique and original gaming experience that he has always wanted to make. Some rumors suggest that the Xbox Cloud project is a horror game titled Overdose starring Death Stranding‘s Margaret Qualley. However, the legendary developer also confirmed that the Kojima Productions Xbox Cloud game will not bring an end to collaborations with PlayStation.

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Hideo Kojima recently began teasing a new game at September’s Tokyo Game Show 2022 trade event. The teasers follow Kojima’s infamously cryptic style, with the first coming in the form of a poster featuring a silhouetted woman and the words, “Who am I?” While the identity of the woman on the poster was impossible to confirm, many fans pointed out her similarity to Hollywood actress Elle Fanning. Kojima then took to Twitter to further stoke the flames of curiosity, revealing that, “The answer to “WHO” at TGS will be in the next “WHERE”.” Now it has been revealed at the PAX Australia event, and shared by Game Awards producer and host Geoff Keighley to Twitter, that a new Hideo Kojima game involving Elle Fanning is officially in the works.

Elle Fanning May Be Starring In Death Stranding 2

While details about Kojima’s next game are predictably mysterious, there are various clues suggesting that the game is Death Stranding 2 rather than the rumored Overdose horror game. The logo featured at the bottom of the poster appears to depict a rising or closing drawbridge, and bridges are a recurring motif across the world of Death Stranding. This logo also resembles an umbrella, possibly in reference to Léa Seydoux’s character Fragile and her futuristic umbrella from the first game. The logo is also similar to the Knot City logos from Death Stranding, further cementing the connection. White strands running vertically across the poster of Elle Fanning serve as a final connection, with strands being another motif present throughout Death Stranding and its initial promotion.

Recent reports suggest that Google Stadia rejected a Death Stranding sequel, lending even more credibility to the idea that it will be Kojima’s next project. The first game was filled with Hollywood icons like Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, and Margaret Qualley, so Elle Fanning seems like a natural fit for the sequel. Based on the poster’s distinct logo and design motifs, it seems very likely that Kojima is teasing Death Stranding 2 rather than another unrelated project.

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Source: Hideo Kojima/Twitter, Geoff Keighley/Twitter

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