Every Character Confirmed To Return In Halloween Ends


Universal has dropped the final trailer for the closing entry in David Gordon Green’s rebooted Halloween trilogy. Halloween Ends promises to conclude the current incarnation of the story, finally putting an end to Michael Myers’ decades-long reign of terror over Haddonfield. The trailer has teased the return of franchise staples like Michael, final girl Laurie Strode, and Laurie’s plucky granddaughter Allyson Nelson.

From Lindsey Wallace to Deputy Frank Hawkins, a bunch of surviving characters from the franchise’s sprawling ensemble are set to reappear in Halloween Ends.


6/6 Laurie Strode

The 2018 Halloween reboot reintroduced audiences to a Laurie who had spent four decades awaiting Michael’s return, setting traps around her house with the intention of burning him alive inside if he ever came back. Iconic “scream queen” Jamie Lee Curtis reprised her role, and her badass turn as a shotgun-toting Laurie bent on exacting revenge against Michael was one of the film’s highlights. The first couple of reboot movies have explored the dark impact that Michael’s killing sprees have had on Laurie’s psyche, as she suffers from PTSD and a drinking problem.

Unsurprisingly, Laurie will be back in Halloween Ends. Due to the injuries sustained in the 2018 movie, Laurie ended up spending much of Halloween Kills’ runtime incapacitated and stuck in a hospital bed. Hopefully, she’ll be back in action in Halloween Ends for her final showdown with Michael.

5/6 Allyson Nelson

The 2018 reboot not only brought back Laurie; it introduced Halloween fans to three generations of Strode women, each as badass as the last. Fans met Laurie’s estranged daughter Karen and Karen’s daughter Allyson, who have each tangled with Michael over the course of the trilogy. In Halloween Kills, Karen was unfortunately struck down in the brutal final twist.

Her daughter Allyson, on the other hand, managed to go head-to-head with Michael and lived to tell the tale. Andi Matichak will be back as Allyson in Halloween Ends, undoubtedly determined to avenge her late mother.

4/6 Deputy Frank Hawkins

Will Patton will reprise his role from the previous two Halloween films as Deputy Frank Hawkins, the sheriff’s deputy who arrested Michael after his first killing spree in 1978. Halloween Ends will see Michael once again go on a killing spree as Haddonfield’s law enforcement once again tries to stop him.

The reboot trilogy has revealed that Hawkins prevented Dr. Loomis from killing Michael, believing in his right to a fair trial, but has since come to regret this decision, as Michael is essentially inhuman and has caused many more deaths since Loomis was forced to spare his life. Maybe Halloween Ends will offer Hawkins a chance at redemption as he surely won’t make the same mistake a second time.

3/6 Lindsey Wallace

The two kids that Laurie babysat in the original Halloween film, Tommy Doyle and Lindsey Wallace, returned in Halloween Kills. Tommy was played by Anthony Michael Hall, while Lindsey was played by her original actor, Kyle Richards. Tommy sadly didn’t make it to the end of the film, but Lindsey was lucky enough to avoid Michael’s wrath.

Lindsey is a real deep-cut legacy character, especially since she’s still played by the actor who played her as a child in 1978. Richards will reprise her role as Lindsey in Halloween Ends, according to a Hollywood Reporter article that also confirmed the return of Andi Matichak, Will Patton, and Omar Dorsey.

2/6 Sheriff Barker

Omar Dorsey made his Halloween debut in the 2018 reboot, playing the role of Haddonfield’s current sheriff, Sheriff Barker. Like all his predecessors, Barker failed to stop Michael from committing a bunch of murders on Halloween night – and then failed to stop him again in Halloween Kills. Dorsey will reprise his role in the big finale, Halloween Ends, where it might be third time lucky for Sheriff Barker.

With any luck, Barker will be given a much larger role in the new film. Dorsey’s talents have yet to be fully utilized as the sheriff is more memorable for his large cowboy hat than his actual characterization. The actor previously worked with director David Gordon Green and co-writer Danny McBride on the fourth season of HBO’s Eastbound & Down.

1/6 Michael Myers

It wouldn’t really be a Halloween movie if Michael Myers didn’t show up (except for that weird third movie that had nothing to do with the rest of the Halloween canon and adopted a sci-fi approach). Nick Castle and James Jude Courtney will once again join forces to bring “The Shape” to life in Halloween Ends. Michael will return to Haddonfield for yet another killing spree. The Halloween franchise has been teasing the death of Michael since the very beginning. In the 1978 original, Laurie had seemingly killed Michael, but when she looked down, he’d vanished. The mental patient has been escaping death in almost every sequel ever since.

In Halloween Kills, the vigilante squad brutally beat him to death until he didn’t seem to be getting up. And then, of course, he did get up and proceeded to massacre the vigilantes who didn’t have the foresight to flee the scene. Given the definitive title of Halloween Ends and its promise to conclude the saga, there’s a good chance that Michael will finally bite the dust this time around.

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