Every Bob’s Burgers Halloween Episode, Ranked


Bob’s Burgers has quickly become one of the all-time most successful cartoons. Introduced in 2011, the animated series has gone on to enjoy tremendous critical and commercial excellence. In 2013, the show was ranked among the Top 60 Greatest Cartoons of All Time by TV Guide. In 2014 and 2017, the series won Emmy Awards for Outstanding Animated Program.

Each year Bob’s Burgers, similar to The Simpsons‘ Treehouse of Horror series, airs a Halloween special that is always hilarious whether it’s the Belcher kids going out Trick or Treating or Linda decorating the restaurant with bats. The Halloween episodes of Bob’s Burgersare when the show is often at its best.

Updated on October 12th, 2022 by Kevin Pantoja: With another season of Bob’s Burgers currently airing, that means there’s another Halloween episode on the horizon. As noted, it is a time when the animated series shines and the characters can really let loose. To get in the mood for the upcoming episode or the entire Halloween season in general, a good way to spend time is to go back and watch all of these episodes. You can relive the history of the Belcher family on the small screen while also appreciating the spookiest time of the year.


10/10 “Heartbreak Hotel-oween” (S11 E4)

There’s a fun and creepy central story to this episode as the kids deliver a burger to a hotel around the corner before going out Trick or Treating for Halloween. The woman, Dolores, they’re delivering the burger to is performing a seance in the hotel for her deceased partner who she believes cheated on her the night he died in that very hotel.

The Belcher kids help Dolores figure out what really happened to her partner while also trying to get payback on a house that refused to give Louise candy years ago. Meanwhile, Bob and Linda try to donate blood at a vampire mobile-themed van. The gag storefront is Someday Bloody Someday Gory Calendars, and the van is for She’s Super Squeaky Pest Control in the opening credits.

9/10 “Pig Trouble In Little Tina” (S10E4)

In this episode, Tina faces freaky fears when her science class is assigned to dissect a pig fetus. Meanwhile, Bob and Linda square off with a large wad of ear wax.

As always, the best of Bob’s Burgers‘ puns are out in full force with the seasonal inclusion of the Drag Me To Gel: Hair Supplies, Exor-Pest Pest Control, 28 Maize Later Burger, and the Corn-Juring Two Burger sight-gags. It all combines to make an episode that is quintessential Bob’s Burgers.

8/10 “The Pumpkinening” (S12E3)

“The Pumpkinening” is the newest Bob’s Burgers holiday episode and it did not disappoint. This time around, Linda takes the A-story when a mysterious note is sent to her on Halloween. Determined to find out what it means, Linda and her sister Gayle visit their hometown where they’re forced to confront something they did 27 years ago.

While Linda is gone, the kids and Bob are busy at Bob’s Burgers which is swarmed with trick-or-treaters since Bob got a hold of this year’s popular brand of candy. Like always, “The Pumpkinening” is full of fun Bob’s Burgers antics. Any episode with Gayle is certain to be chaotically hilarious and it sure delivered.

7/10 “Teen-A-Witch” (S7E3)

In the third straight Tina-centric Halloween episode, the eldest Belcher daughter turns to wicked witchcraft when frenemy Tamy steals her costume and fires off some great Tamy quotes.

To win her school Halloween costume contest, Tina opts to dress up as a Sand Witch. When Mr. Ambrose the Librarian gives her a spellbook and tells her to become a witch for real, Tina has a difficult decision to make. There are fun sight-gags that include adjoining storefronts Sag Me To Hell: Bra Boutique and The Bugs Are Coming From Inside the House exterminators.

6/10 “Tina And The Real Ghost” (S5E2)

Riffing on the offbeat Ryan Gosling comedy, Lars and the Real Girl, “Tina and the Real Ghost” revolves around Tina’s romantic exploits with a ghost dwelling in her basement. Also, Louise is even dressed for Halloween as Gosling’s character from Drive.

After playing the Ouija board and attending the cemetery with the older crowd as a Halloween ritual, a ghost named Jeff is summoned from the Belcher’s basement. Tina begins to fall for the ghastly entity, which she keeps with her in a shoebox.

5/10 “The Wolf Of Wharf Street” (S8E3)

When Linda tries to score cool points with her kids on Halloween night by hunting down a werewolf ravaging the neighborhood, things get hectic.

Elsewhere, Bob injures himself and is put on medication, prompting him to believe that Teddy has turned into a werewolf. The next-door stores include Freddy Kugel: Halloween Noodles and Polter-Mice Pest Control. There are typical laughs from this show on here, including the gag of Teddy dressed as a “sexy” nurse.

4/10 “Full Bars” (S3E2)

It had to start somewhere. While the first Halloween episode of Bob’s Burgers didn’t arrive until Season 3, the inaugural holiday-themed episode is still among the best.

With candy rations low, the Belcher kids opt to go trick or treating in the glitzy Kingshead Island neighborhood where full-size candy bars are handed out. The only problem is the number of bullies in the area. The kids befriend Ned and Milo before being mortified during the Hell Hunt attraction. Food-wise, who could resist the pun Burger of the Day, the Jack-O-Lentil?

3/10 “Nightmare On Ocean Avenue Street” (S9E4)

With obvious references to the infamous Freddy Krueger franchise, “Nightmare on Ocean Avenue Street” is easily one of the best Halloween episodes so far.

On All Hallows Eve, the Belcher kids investigate who in the neighborhood is stealing bags of candy. As this happens, Teddy overzealously festoons the restaurant with Halloween decorations so he can outdo a street vendor. The burger of the day includes a My Bloody Kale-entine Burger, while neighboring sight-gags include The Bug-a-Dook Pest Control and the Those Who Can, Dle Candles store.

2/10 “Fort Night” (S4E2)

The wacky wordplay in “Fort Night” is shown by adjacent shops that include Forgetta Bat It Exterminators and Johnny Razor’s Totally Normal Candy Store.

As for the storyline, the spookiness comes when the kids’ Chinese dragon costume comes unglued. When the eyes of the costume are found in the kids’ fort, a small gathering ensues. While everyone points to Louise as a culprit of evil, she knows the real threat lies with neighbor Millie (great guest star Molly Shannon).

1/10 “The Hauntening” (S6E3)

On the night before Halloween, Louise confesses she has never been scared before. As a result, the Belcher clan decides to rectify that by staying in a legitimate haunted house overnight. However, Louise is still unimpressed.

Aside from the plot-line that pays homage to the classic horror film, The Haunting, this episode is all about the hilarious in-jokes. Pay close attention to the Blood Bath and Beyond: Red Bathroom Products and Last Mouse on the Left Pest Control storefronts. If that doesn’t whet your appetite, there’s always the Breaking Radish Burger of the Day.

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