Elsa Bloodstone Changes In Werewolf By Night Explained By Director


Elsa Bloodstone’s changes in Werewolf By Night are explained by director Michael Giacchino, who says that he wanted her to feel like a “real person.”

Michael Giacchino is explaining the changes made to Elsa Bloodstone in Marvel’s Werewolf by Night. Based on the comic book character of the same name, the studio’s first television special follows Jack Russell (Gael García Bernal), a lycanthrope hero among a secret group of monster hunters competing for the Bloodstone, a powerful artifact that grants its owner strength and endurance. Throughout the special, Jack befriends Elsa (Laura Donnelly) and eventually reveals the real reason for his attendance. Werewolf by Night premiered on October 7 to relative praise from fans and critics, with many applauding its cinematography and the darker tone embraced by Giacchino and Disney+.


A character first introduced in Marvel Comics back in 2001, Elsa Bloodstone is often depicted as being feisty and somewhat cynical, though she takes her responsibility as a monster hunter seriously. Werewolf by Night marks Elsa’s debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but following its release, some fans have noticed changes made to her story. One of the key differences relates to her father, Ulysses Bloodstone, who, in the comics, has the ancient relic stuck in his chest, allowing Elsa to acquire powers upon birth. She also typically fights with guns, among other weapons, though the new special shows how formidable she can be without any equipment.

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In a recent interview with ComicBook.com, Giacchino addressed some of the changes made to Elsa Bloodstone and revealed how he wanted Laura Donnelly to portray her in Werewolf by Night. The director commented on the “hypersexualized version” of her character in the comics and said that he did not want her to become associated with guns either. He aimed to depict a more real, and multifaceted character and stated that Donnelly was able to deliver. Read Giacchino’s quote regarding Elsa Bloodstone’s changes below:

I love that character, but when you see her in the comics, it’s really this hypersexualized version of this person with shotguns and all of this,” Giacchino told us. “And I was just like, yeah. And when we started this project, I was like, Kevin, I don’t want any guns in this. No guns. I think we can tell a story without guns. We don’t need them and I certainly don’t want Elsa to be the character that’s just a gun totem. I was just so against that. And I wanted her to be badass of course but I wanted her to be smart. I wanted her to be vulnerable. I just wanted her to be a real person. And Laura Donnelly embodies all of that in spades. She is just the most incredible actress when you just put her in front of the camera and you feel like you’re watching an old 1930s movie star.

Elsa Bloodstone’s Future In The MCU

With the MCU expanding on its supernatural/horror corner, there are a lot of ways in which Elsa Bloodstone could reappear. Donnelly shared that she is interested in returning to the role, noting all of the different teams Elsa has been affiliated with in the past. Given the rumors of a Midnight Sons project, with characters like Moon Knight and Blade officially a part of the MCU now, fans of the comics and Donnelly’s performance are starting to wonder about her inclusion. After establishing the relationship between Elsa and Jack Russell/Werewolf by Night as well, audiences can hopefully expect her to be a part of any future projects involving the character.

It is interesting to hear about Giacchino’s approach to the character of Elsa Bloodstone and his comments certainly seem to indicate that there are plans to keep her around. With audiences enjoying Donnelly’s portrayal, perhaps she will join the upcoming Blade film, or get a potential meet-up with The Eternals‘ Dane Whitman. How Elsa’s story unfolds will be exciting to see and fans of Werewolf by Night can look forward to learning more about her when she returns to the MCU.

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