Elden Ring Radahn Cosplay Comes Complete With Leonard the Horse


An impressive Elden Ring cosplay brings the formidable Starscourge Radahn, and the demigod boss’ loyal horse Leonard, to life in amazing detail.

An awe-inspiring Elden Ring cosplay brings the powerful General Radahn to life alongside his loyal steed Leonard. The open-world soulslike epic features many demigod bosses for players to face, but Starscourge Radahn is considered one of the most difficult and cinematic encounters in the entire game. Elden Ring lore celebrates Radahn as a protector of the Lands Between, and now a talented cosplay has paid tribute to this infamous figure.

When Elden Ring released earlier this year players quickly found themselves facing off against Starscourge Radahn, a massive demigod boss who resides in the region of Caelid. Despite the ability to summon a group of allies to help face the unrelenting foe, many gamers still found themselves dying at the hands of Radahn’s massive swords and gravity magic. Shortly after release FromSoftware released an Elden Ring patch which made General Radahn weaker, but this upset players who now considered the boss too easy to defeat. Backlash led to another Elden Ring Radahn patch that partially restored the demigod’s strength, returning the boss’ status as one of the Lands Between’s greatest threats.


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Twitter user and masterful cosplayer YharnamWorkshop recently showed off an amazing recreation of General Radahn, which comes complete with the demigod’s horse Leonard. The loyal steed is a stalwart companion to the Starscourge that grants the general surprising speed during his boss fight. YharnamWorkshop beautifully recreates Radahn’s regal armor, complete with his massive horned helmet and flowing red cape. A tiny version of Leonard sits between the general’s legs, giving the cosplay additional authenticity and a clever sense of scale. While YharnamWorkshop has yet to complete Radahn’s huge swords, this cosplay is already looking amazing.

Elden Ring’s General Radahn Rides Into The Real World

Citizens of the Lands Between have inspired many amazing fan creations, with one Elden Ring Melina cosplay flawlessly transforming one fan into the game’s ethereal maiden. Melina serves as a loyal companion to the player’s Tarnished character, helping them level up and guiding them on their journey to become Elden Lord. While the Melina cosplay doesn’t require the forging of weapons or armor like YharnamWorkshop’s General Radahn, it does require very specific fantasy clothing and makeup effects to achieve true authenticity.

General Radahn is one of the most iconic bosses in Elden Ring, and now the Starscourge has been brought to life in breathtaking detail. The cosplay even recreates the tireless Leonard, who helps carry Radahn to victory despite the demigod’s immense stature. This authentic creation from YharnamWorkshop displays a true dedication to both Elden Ring lore and cosplay craftsmanship.

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Source: YharnamWorkshop/Twitter

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