Elden Ring DLC Could Take Players Into Miquella’s Dreams


Elden Ring explored the dream of Godwyn the Golden, but there is more cut content regarding Miquella, the sleeping demigod that could become DLC.

Elden Ring DLC could center around some of its cut content: the dreams of the sleeping demigod, Miquella. From Software has not officially announced any DLC as yet (though there was an Elden Ring DLC leak that may be true), but it has a consistent history of releasing additional content for its games. This has led fans to speculate on what potential DLC for Elden Ring may focus on. Among the rumors are the badlands where the Tarnished were exiled to before the events of the game, the colosseums which have sat mysteriously inaccessible in the game world, and the mysterious god of the dragons who is said to have fled the Lands Between long ago.


One of the game’s major figures, who remains largely mysterious even by the standard of Elden Ring‘s concealed lore, is Miquella. Miquella is a demigod child of the goddess Marika and Radagon, the second Elden Lord. He was born cursed to always have a childlike appearance and as such decided to create his own Haligtree (an Elden Ring missed ending opportunity). He wanted this tree to be great enough to rival the Erdtree, and nurtured it with his own blood to help it grow. He later attempted to cocoon himself within the tree before being kidnapped by his half-brother Mohg, and has been sleeping ever since.

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Another quest in Elden Ring has players enter the dream of the dead demigod Godwyn the Golden. This, combined with Miquella’s sleeping form being accessible to players but not interactable, has led many to speculate that the Elden Ring DLC will have players enter the dreams of the sleeping demigod. This theory is supported by a wealth of cut content from the game that centered around Miquella and a cut dream mechanic.

Cut Content Could Reveal Potential DLC

Dataminers discovered cut Elden Ring dream stealing mechanics while going through the game, showing that dreams were a theme that From wanted to explore more in Elden Ring. In the past, the company has often used content that it cut from their games as inspiration for DLC releases or even future games. To add to the credibility of this theory, unused textures and dialog were found within the game files related to Miquella. There is the possibility that this is just cut content, but it’s quite likely that it is intended to be implemented in DLC.

An additional storyline expanding more on the mysteries of Miquella and his Haligtree seems to be in the works at From Software. There is much lore yet to be unraveled about the game world, and delving into the mind of a demigod may help shed light not just on their background but also their knowledge of the game universe. When Elden Ring DLC actually releases, exploring the world of Miquella’s dreams would be a dream come true for fans of the game.


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