DWTS: Selma Blair Reveals She’s Fighting Vision Loss & Fainting Spells


Selma Blair suffered fainting spells while in rehearsals for the Dancing With The Stars season 31 live shows. The DWTS contestant has been outspoken about her multiple sclerosis diagnosis since first revealing her condition in 2018 and has stated that appearing on DWTS will not only be beneficial for her stamina and overall health but also allow her to bring greater awareness to the disease. Dancing With the Stars is currently airing live episodes on Disney+.


Speaking with ET, Selma detailed the health challenges she has faced while competing on DWTS, including fainting spells that have affected her rehearsal schedule. The After star was interviewed alongside her service dog, Scout, whom she credits for mitigating many of the symptoms that her multiple sclerosis diagnosis can present. Recent fainting spells have raised concerns for Selma’s dance partner Sasha Farber, who has urged Selma to “take the day off” after any such attack. Selma dismissed those concerns, pointing out that she can “pass out a lot. It’s part of the reason I have Scout.” She pointed out that the dog acts to catch her when she presents symptoms like vision loss or disorientation, and that these episodes are not often a “hospital situation.” Selma pushed through to rehearse for a further five hours after this episode, allowing her to perfect a much-lauded Elvis Week performance.

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Selma Blair Feels ‘Totally At Home’ On DWTS

Far from feeling constricted by the physical demands of DWTS, Selma admitted that they have been somewhat freeing. She stated that she knows “where I’m coming from, but, you know, like, ‘I really have this,'” adding that she feels “totally at home” on the dance floor. Her dance partner Sasha attempted to use that newfound confidence to their advantage during Bond Week, creating a routine that left Selma blindfolded throughout the performance. This technique mirrors a coping mechanism Selma has been using in her everyday life to help combat the effects of MS. “I do find that I shut my eyes and it makes me center a lot more,” Selma explained. “So I can kinda calm down.”

Dancing With The Stars has been one of Selma’s highest-profile projects since she was diagnosed with MS in 2018. She is best known for her roles in cult-classic films such as Hellboy and Legally Blonde, and her popularity with both audiences and fellow cast members persists, with notable supporters in the audience including her Cruel Intentions co-star Sarah Michelle Gellar. While Selma has continued to appear in several smaller film and television roles, including a supporting part in the After series, weekly live television can be a test for any performer. The spotlight has already proven too much for Sex and the City actor Jason Lewis, controversial The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice and Charlie’s Angels star Cheryl Ladd, who were eliminated during the first three weeks of the competition.

Even before competing on DWTS, for those who have been fans of Selma since her first on-screen appearance in an episode of The Adventures of Pete and Pete, seeing her battling through an illness can be at turns inspiring and shocking. Understanding what challenges Selma is facing while rehearsing for DWTS allows for a greater appreciation of her output, even if one was already familiar with her MS diagnosis. Her desire to advocate for those with MS has been borne out with her conduct both on the dance floor and in rehearsals. While these symptoms are endemic to the disease and most likely will continue, one hopes that Selma will continue to push through them as she has thus far.

Dancing With The Stars streams Mondays at 8 p.m. EDT on Disney+.

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