Dwayne Johnson’s Daughters Play A “Terrifying” Game Called “Daddy, Close Your Eyes,” And It’s Hilarious


One round of the game ended up with The Rock’s daughters giving him a unibrow, mustache, and goatee. LOL!

Then, Jimmy shared a video of Dwayne’s daughter running into his bedroom at 7 a.m. (!!!) yelling, “Close your eyes!” The actor agrees to play the game and says, “I trust you.”

“Three, two, one,” she counts down as she pulls out a WATER BALLOON…

…then pops it on his FACE!

Look at that reaction, LOL!

But Dwayne is such a good sport and just starts laughing. What a sweet dad!

“You just gotta laugh it off,” Dwayne told Jimmy. “When they’re this age, I’m in it. You’ve only got a finite amount of time, so I’m girl dad all the way. Daddy, Close Your Eyes? I’m doing it.”

A proud dad who adores his daughters and laughs through their silly pranks? We love to see it!


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