Dungeons & Dragons LEGO Collab Will Bring Fan Ideas To Life


A new collaboration between Dungeons & Dragons and LEGO will have fans showing off their best D&D-themed LEGO creations. D&D, a popular tabletop role-playing game published by Wizards of the Coast, is often seen as an outlet for the creativity of its players, and LEGO is no different. Whether players are using campaign books or building official LEGO sets, or simply following their own whims, both franchises have plenty to offer to players wanting to express their creativity.


Dungeons & Dragons has had numerous editions since it first launched, and the 5th Edition has been running for several years. Wizards of the Coast has announced, however, that along with the digital tools to be included in One D&D, an update to 5th edition rules is also in the works. With One D&D drawing closer, as well as the celebration of D&D‘s 50th anniversary, another titan of the entertainment industry, LEGO, has announced a collaboration event with the popular TTRPG.

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In a post on the LEGO IDEAS website, an event celebrating the upcoming 50th anniversary of D&D has been announced. The event, which will be judged by the Wizards of the Coast and the LEGO IDEAS team, will have fans submitting D&D-themed LEGO builds, with submissions chosen by the judges moving forward to a fan voting phase. In an exciting twist, the post also mentions that “all designs that reach the Fan Vote phase, will be eligible to become an official LEGO IDEAS set.”

Dungeons & Dragons LEGO Event Will Feature Fan Creations

LEGO is certainly no stranger to crossing over with other media franchises, with perhaps its most popular crossover franchise in Star Wars having recently received a massive LEGO Razor Crest set. True to the spirit of both franchises, however, the crossover event with D&D will provide fans with ample opportunity to show off their creative chops. The event, which will run from November 28 to December 12, will also have an entry deadline of November 14, so any fans looking to enter may wish to do so with haste.

More than just a celebration of D&D‘s 50th anniversary, this crossover event will hopefully serve as a celebration of something very near to the core of both franchises; namely, the creative potential of both franchises’ most devoted fans. Whether the builds feature D&D‘s iconic monsters, unique player characters, or famous locations from the franchise, many fans will likely be eager to see just what will emerge from the event. With more on the way for both Dungeons & Dragons and LEGO, exciting times lie ahead for fans of both franchises.

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