Does The Pixel Watch Have A Temperature Sensor?


The Pixel Watch can measure heart rate and blood oxygen levels, and can even record an ECG, but does it come with a temperature sensor?

The Pixel Watch will be going up against the Apple Watch Series 8 and Galaxy Watch 5, but does Google‘s smartwatch have a temperature sensor like its rivals? Google’s first Wear OS smartwatch starts at $349 for the base model and goes up to $399 for the version with LTE. And like most Wear OS smartwatches, it has a round dial.

Google’s smartwatch comes in only one size — 41mm — which makes it a great choice for those with smaller wrists. While the size options are limited, Google sells the watch in four colors. In addition, there are more than 20 different bands that buyers can purchase as additional accessories to further personalize the watch.


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Despite the Pixel Watch appearing in multiple leaks prior to its launch, none mentioned that the Google wearable would have a temperature sensor. Unfortunately, the spec sheet doesn’t mention a temperature sensor either, confirming that the Pixel Watch misses out on this popular new health sensor. Those who want a “Google” smartwatch with a temperature sensor can consider the Fitbit Sense 2 instead.

Pixel Watch Has Other Health Sensors

The Pixel Watch’s lack of a temperature sensor means rival watches such as the Galaxy Watch 5 series and Apple Watch Series 8 have an edge over it. The temperature sensors on these watches provide insights into a user’s health. For example, a change in temperature can be used to indicate ovulation. The watches can also suggest changes to sleeping habits if there are recorded changes in skin temperature during sleep.

Although the Pixel Watch doesn’t have a temperature sensor, it packs multiple health features. There is a sensor for measuring heart rate and blood oxygen. It can also record an ECG. Furthermore, the watch also has sleep tracking and will assign users a sleep score. Google has also added an emergency SOS feature that allows the watch to alert trusted contacts or 911 in an emergency. But perhaps the most exciting Pixel Watch feature is its deep integration with Fitbit. While the Pixel Watch misses out on a temperature sensor, Google says it is committed to making smartwatches, which means its successor could offer the feature.

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