Does Halloween Ends Have A Post-Credits Scene?


The Halloween reboot trilogy is no stranger to having a surprise in the after-credits, but is that the case in Halloween Ends? Here’s an answer.

Does Halloween Ends have a credits scene that teases the future of the movie franchise? Though credits scenes have become the norm for franchises like Marvel and DC, other genres have taken advantage of the teaser method. Halloween and Halloween Kills didn’t have any traditional credits scenes, but the 2018 installment played audio of Michael Myers breathing in the credits, hinting that “The Shape” survived the fiery trap set by Laurie Strode.


To answer the question: no, Halloween Ends does not feature a credits scene or tease. After bringing Corey Cunningham into the mix as a major character alongside Allyson, Halloween Ends goes back to the basics by shifting the focus back to Michael Myers and Laurie Strode. The encounter allows for one final showdown before bringing their conflict to an end. With a few stills reminiscent of the original 1978 Halloween ending, the movie comes to an official close without any teases, but a certain Blue Oyster Cult song plays that could be heard in the first movie. There is also one final play-through of John Carpenter’s iconic Halloween musical theme during the credits that is worth hearing.

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Why Halloween Ends Doesn’t Need A Credits Scene

Ahead of Halloween Ends release, the movie was marketed as the conclusion of the conflict between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode, which started in 1978. Since the Halloween sequel unveils the fate of both Michael and Laurie, there’s nothing to tease in a Halloween Ends credits scene regarding the pair. Adding some kind of teaser in Halloween Ends credits would have broken the promise of director David Gordon Green who assured the public that the 2022 sequel would be the end of his trilogy.

What’s Next For The Halloween Franchise

While Halloween Ends may have tied up loose ends, avoiding any need for a credits teaser, it doesn’t mean the Halloween franchise is over. Original Halloween creator John Carpenter implied the film series would continue if Halloween Ends makes enough money, and it sounds like there is interest from the studio depending on how well Halloween Ends performs. If the Halloween sequel does well through theaters and Peacock, there’s no doubt Universal Pictures would want to move the franchise in a new direction.

Even though it didn’t come in the credits, there are a few hints at how the movies could continue beyond Halloween Ends. Thanks to Halloween III: Season of the Witch, it wouldn’t be the first time Halloween experimented with a story without Michael Myers. However, there are also ways to use The Shape without ruining the reboot trilogy, such as a Michael Myers prequel movie. While it may take some time, it’s highly likely Halloween will be back in some form.

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