Does Apple Watch Ultra Need A Screen Protector? What You Need To Know


The Apple Watch Ultra is a rugged, durable, smartwatch that’s ideal for a variety of athletic activities, but is the screen up to the task?

The Apple Watch Ultra is designed for extreme conditions, but does it require a screen protector? When it comes to smartphones and smartwatches, users often wonder if a case or screen protector is necessary, but that might not always apply to rugged devices that are designed to withstand rough usage.

Apple released three smartwatches this year – the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE 2, and the Apple Watch Ultra. Apple’s latest smartwatches bring new and exciting upgrades over the previous generation, but the new Apple Watch Ultra stole the show thanks to its durable design that makes it ideal for use by athletes.


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So does the Apple Watch Ultra still need a screen protector? Probably not. The Watch Ultra has a flat sapphire front crystal which is highly resistant to scratching and also quite durable, as this TechRax YouTube video clearly demonstrates. The 49mm titanium case surrounds and rises above all the edges of the watch, including the sapphire crystal screen. This titanium case design should provide extra protection for the screen in the event of a drop by preventing it from making direct contact with the ground, similar to what a phone case with raised bumpers does.

How Durable Is Sapphire Crystal?

The Apple Watch Series 8 aluminum model comes with an Ion-X front glass while the stainless steel model and Apple Watch Ultra use a sapphire crystal, so what’s the difference, and is one better than the other? Well, neither is necessarily better than the other, but they each offer positives and negatives. Sapphire crystal is a harder but more brittle material, meaning that when compared to Ion-X, it is harder to scratch but also easier to crack or shatter. This may seem as though a screen protector is needed, but both materials are very tough and the Apple Watch Ultra’s titanium case makes the display less likely to break when dropped.

When it comes to screen protectors, personal preference and choice are a big factor in the debate. The design of the Apple Watch Ultra does not seem to need any additional protection as it was specifically engineered to be durable and tough for highly active people. With the titanium case design and sapphire crystal, as well as from the durability test from the video above, the Watch Ultra does not seem to need a screen protector. But of course, for those who are concerned about damaging their expensive new Apple Watch Ultra, using a screen protector is always an option.

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Source: Apple, TechRax/YouTube


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