Doctor Who Trailer Confirms The Master’s Plan To ERASE The Doctor


The latest Doctor Who trailer reveals the Master’s ultimate plan – to erase the Doctor from existence. After months of waiting, the BBC has finally released a full trailer for the upcoming Doctor Who Centenary Special. Entitled “The Power of the Doctor,” this will special promises to finally fulfill Time’s prophecy of the Doctor’s final battle. “Beware of the forces that mass against you,” the avatar of Time cautioned the Doctor at the end of Doctor Who: Flux, “and their Master.” It was a pretty obvious nod to the idea of a final, fateful confrontation between Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor and Sacha Dhawan’s Master.


Chris Chibnall’s tenure as showrunner has generally had a good reputation for its special effects, and true to form the trailer is a spectacular one with some phenomenal visuals. The Doctor Who trailer confirms that the Master has allied with some of the Doctor’s greatest enemies, including the Daleks and the Cybermen; time itself appears to be in a state of flux, with hints of multiple invasions on Earth. The Doctor Who Centenary Special features returning companions, making it a celebration of the show’s entire history. But, amidst all the explosions and special effects, there’s a single line of dialogue in which the Master explains his plan.

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Hello, Doctor, welcome to the end of your existence,” The Master tells the Doctor. “This is the day you are erased forever.” It’s an ominous statement, one that’s only really possible because of the changeable nature of time in Doctor Who lore. The dialogue is accompanied by a visual effect that may well explain just how the Master aims to accomplish this threat; by entering into the Doctor’s timeline and changing it.

How The Master Can Erase The Doctor From History

The trailer for The Power of the Doctor shows a strange energy effect that’s similar (but not identical) to one seen in the Matt Smith story The Name of the Doctor. That story revealed the Doctor’s timestream was exposed at the place of his final death, at the site of his tomb on Trenzalore. “Time travel is damage,” the Doctor explained. “It’s like a tear in the fabric of reality.” He compared the energy found at his own tomb to “the scar tissue” of his journey through the universe. A better comparison would be to an open wound, and the Great Intelligence was able to enter into it and try to rewrite every moment of the Doctor’s lives. The psychic entity was only stopped by Clara, who followed it into the Doctor’s timestream and changed everything back again.

History was rewritten, of course, and the Doctor’s death on Trenzalore was erased. What’s more, it’s now unclear whether it is even possible for the Doctor to die; the Doctor has been redefined as the Timeless Child, an entity with potentially unlimited regenerations that has existed for over a billion years. Still, that may well explain why the energy effect shown in The Power of the Doctor‘s trailer is similar to that seen in The Name of the Doctor, but not identical; the Master has presumably found a way to tear open the Doctor’s timestream without requiring her death. It’s entirely possible the Daleks developed technology that could accomplish this during the Time War; alternatively, the Master could well have discovered an approach that would work while on Gallifrey, plundering the Matrix, a repository of Time Lord knowledge he has always enjoyed hacking into.

There’s a sense in which the Master hates the Timeless Child even more than the Doctor. In truth, he has always suffered from something of an inferiority complex, desperate to prove himself superior to his rival. But the Timeless Child reveal means he can never be the Doctor’s equal, for the Doctor is something beyond any Time Lord of Gallifrey; indeed, given the Timeless Child’s genetic code led to Time Lords discovering regeneration in the first place, there is a sense in which the Master owes his very existence to the Doctor. This is a truth he cannot abide; the Doctor Who Centenary Special’s trailer suggests he’ll go to extreme lengths to resolve this perceived problem.

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