Doctor Who Reveals What The Daleks Really Wanted To Do To Earth


The BBC’s new trailer for the Doctor Who Centenary Special reveals the Daleks have converted a world into a Death Star – a fate they meant for Earth!

The BBC’s new trailer for the Doctor Who Centenary Special reveals what the Daleks wanted to do to Earth. Jodie Whittaker’s time as the Thirteenth Doctor is coming to an end in the upcoming Doctor Who Centenary Special (celebrating the 100th anniversary of the BBC), entitled “The Power of the Doctor.” The BBC has finally released a trailer for Whittaker’s finale, promising one of the most visually spectacular episodes in the show’s history.


Showrunner Chris Chibnall has promised an epic story that celebrates Doctor Who‘s history, as well as its place within the BBC; it is, after all, the world’s longest-running science-fiction TV series. The trailer for The Power of the Doctor promises to fulfill a dark prophecy from the avatar of Time itself. “Beware of the forces that mass against you,” Time had warned at the end of Doctor Who: Flux, “and their Master.” The comment clearly suggested the Master would lead an alliance of the Doctor’s greatest enemies, and indeed the trailer features both Daleks and Cybermen. The Master apparently plans to erase the Doctor from the timestream, and it’s possible his meddling with the Doctor’s personal timeline explains why Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor looks set to degenerate back into David Tennant.

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The Doctor Who Centenary Special trailer also features a number of deeper cuts into the show’s lore. One shot, for example, shows the Doctor Who equivalent of the Death Star shooting a superlaser at the Earth; it’s accompanied by the sound effect of a Dalek weapon, confirming this is a Dalek attack. It’s likely this superweapon is a converted planet; in the 1964 story The Dalek Invasion of Earth, the Daleks attempted to convert the Earth into a mobile battlestation, but they were stopped by the Doctor. It seems they have converted a different world instead.

Why Do The Daleks Need A Planet-Sized Superweapon?

Oddly enough, the Daleks probably don’t need a Death Star to destroy planets. The BBC’s animated Daleks! TV series revealed a single Dalek ship possesses enough firepower to obliterate an entire world with just a single shot, giving a sense of just how dangerous the Daleks really are. But a planetary superweapon has another advantage; it can serve as a mobile battlestation, housing an entire Dalek fleet. There are certainly structures visible on the Dalek Death Star, suggesting it houses a small army.

The Daleks likely envision Earth’s destruction as payback. It isn’t just that Earth is the Doctor’s favorite planet; Earth is also hated because the planet has resisted the Daleks so many times. The Dalek homeworld of Skaro was even destroyed by a Time Lord superweapon found on Earth, making the planet key to one of the Daleks’ greatest defeats. It seems the Doctor Who Centenary Special is giving the Daleks a shot at retribution.

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