Doctor Who: Power of the Doctor Trailer Reveals Whittaker’s Finale


The Doctor Who: The Power of the Doctor trailer has finally arrived. Doctor Who: The Power of the Doctor is the 60th anniversary special for the BBC’s long-running sci-fi adventure series, and will feature actors from previous seasons, including Tenth Doctor David Tennant and Catherine Tate, as well as newer actors including Yasmin Finney, who plays a new Rose character. Doctor Who: The Power of the Doctor will also officially mark the end of Jodie Whittaker’s run as the Thirteenth Doctor, with Ncuti Gatwa taking over as the Time Lord, playing the Fourteenth doctor in the upcoming season, in which Finney will also star.


Details of Doctor Who: The Power of the Doctor have been revealed along the way that suggest the special will deliver intense scenes. Early set photos from Cardiff revealed the cast, including Tennant, Finney, and Tate, acting alongside each other and featuring in explosive scenes–literally. The set features special effects of explosions occurring in neighborhood streets. Other set photos give glimpses at Neil Patrick Harris’ role in the special, who will play a villain. Pictures also suggested a potential tragic death of the Thirteenth Doctor’s companion Yaz, although that tragic fate has yet to be confirmed.

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With just a few weeks remaining until its premiere, the BBC has revealed the official Doctor Who: The Power of the Doctor trailer for this upcoming special. The video offers the first proper look at Jodie Whittaker’s final special as the iconic sci-fi character, as well as The Master’s return and a new Dalek threat. Check out the trailer above:

What Is The Master’s Plan For The Doctor?

Though the Doctor Who: Power of the Doctor trailer teases a variety of story threads from Jodie Whittaker’s final turn as the titular character, one of the more interesting takeaways is the return of archenemy and renegade alien Time Lord, The Master. In their various incarnations throughout the show’s run, The Master has generally aimed to gain control of the universe and make The Doctor suffer, though the new trailer shows him eager to wipe out The Doctor from existence entirely. This concept and plan was previously teased in Doctor Who: Flux when The Master learned of The Doctor being the Timeless Child and seemingly learning of ways to effectively kill the protagonist permanently, which he seems to be aiming for in Doctor Who: The Power of the Doctor.

With the release date confirmed, audiences will not have to wait much longer to see Doctor Who: The Power of the Doctor has in store. The trailer still leaves enough up in the air for there to be significant intrigue as to the exact events of the story, including leaving the fate of many of Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor’s companions unknown, namely Mandip Gill’s Yaz. Only time will tell how the special plays out when Doctor Who: The Power of the Doctor premieres on the BBC on October 23.

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