Do The Pixel 7 & Pixel 7 Pro Have An SD Card Slot?


Google’s all-new Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro come with many features, but do they also ship with a microSD card slot for storage expansion?

The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro have many features, but do they also ship with a microSD card slot for storage expansion? Once a popular feature in Android smartphones, microSD slots have become conspicuous by their absence in flagship phones. However, they are still available in many mid-range devices, allowing users to add an external card to increase storage. However, the feature mostly comes in the form of a hybrid slot, meaning users have to choose between adding a second SIM card or a microSD card without being able to take advantage of both.


The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are Google’s latest flagship smartphones that offer a plethora of high-end features at relatively affordable prices. The devices were announced earlier this month alongside the Pixel Watch and have since received positive reviews in the media, with most calling them great devices at their respective price points. However, despite the positive reception, the devices are not without their quirks. According to a recent report, the Pixel’s 7 Pro’s display draws an unusually high amount of power, especially when used in broad daylight at high brightness. Thankfully, the vanilla Pixel 7 doesn’t seem to suffer from the same issue.

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Most flagship smartphones these days do not offer an expansion slot, and the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are no exception to the rule. Neither device comes with a microSD slot, meaning users are stuck with the amount of built-in storage they get with their device. The base variants of both the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro come with 128GB of storage, but Google also offers 256GB variants of both devices for $100 extra. The Pixel 7 Pro also provides 512GB of built-in storage, but it costs a whopping $1,099.

Pixel 7 And Pixel 7 Pro Storage Options

Unfortunately, the 512GB model is unavailable in most regions outside the U.S., including Europe and India. It’s not immediately clear if these markets will get the 512GB option in the future, but the unavailability of this option could be a deal-breaker for some power users who require more storage in their phones. Google’s decision to skip the 512GB model in so many markets is especially curious, given how some high-end smartphones, like the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, are even offered with 1TB of built-in storage.

It is worth noting that Google has never offered microSD card slots with any of its Pixel devices, so it’s not surprising that this year’s models don’t provide the feature. In addition, while the availability of cloud storage options partly mitigates the need for additional onboard storage, uploading and downloading media and other files is data intensive and can put off some users. Still, the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are great devices overall, especially for pure Android fans.

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