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Disney Dreamlight Valley lets players interact with plenty of Disney’s iconic characters, and the game could do well with more of Disney’s best villains. With so many charismatic villains in Disney’s canon, there is a tremendous array of options. To maximize the game’s potential, offering more attention to Disney’s classic villains would be a good move.

Dreamlight Valley allows players to talk to and befriend a variety of Disney characters over the course of the adventure, and there are some villains mixed in among the group. Given Disney’s reputation for having some of animation’s best villains, it’s only natural to expect them in the game. However, so far only two villains have been added to the game: Ursula and Mother Gothel. While neither of them are actively villainous in the game, they still bring the personality that you would expect from such memorable characters. Dreamlight Valley can add many more Disney characters, and villains make up a good amount of those missing names. It’s already known that Scar will be joining in an expansion, so it’s not hard to imagine who else could be coming.


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Although Dreamlight Valley currently has a very limited selection of villains, expanding those options would be one of the smartest moves that the game could make. Most of Disney’s villains have plenty that they could offer to the Valley if they end up joining the game. Choosing more villains for Dreamlight Valley should be a priority, and there is no shortage of quality choices.

Cruella De Vil Is 101 Dalmatians’ Best Disney Dreamlight Valley Candidate

Cruella de Vil is far and away the most memorable character from 101 Dalmatians, and she has done the best job of enduring in the public eye. She may be the movie’s villain, and a rather cruel one at that, but there’s no denying her charisma and interesting design. Much like Mother Gothel in Dreamlight Valley, Cruella brings a haughty air to conversation, and she would bring something interesting to the game.

Cruella is one of Disney’s most classic villains, and almost everyone who knows the company has heard of her. A self-proclaimed fashion genius, Cruella’s self-serving and callous nature are only barely hidden by a thin veil of classiness. It is this part of her personality that would likely be on display were she to come to Dreamlight Valley. With her perpetually snide tone and nature, there would probably be a lot of entertainment to be had from talking to Cruella in the game. She may be even more sarcastic than the villains who already populate the game, which would fit the above-it-all air that she puts on quite well. Leveling up a Dreamlight Valley friendship with Cruella may be difficult as a result, but it certainly wouldn’t be boring.

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The status of Cruella as one of Disney’s biggest and most famous villains is not in question. Not only has she outshined the rest of her film’s characters with little effort, but she even got her own recent film, Cruella, that gave a younger Cruella a villain of her own to overcome. When one thinks of Disney’s best classic villains, Cruella is one of the names that inevitably comes to mind. It would be only natural to Dreamlight Valley to invite her to the game.

Yzma Is A Fun Villain Who Is Perfect For Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Emperor’s New Grove is an underrated and entertaining Disney feature, and that is largely due to the movie’s excellent cast. From wisecracking protagonist Kuzco to lovably buffoonish Kronk, the film is stacked with excellent characters. Even though the film doesn’t have any characters confirmed for Disney Dreamlight Valley, it is not lacking in options. Above all of these characters is Yzma, who rode a hilarious performance by Eartha Kitt to become one of Disney’s most delightful villains.

Yzma takes elements of a lot of villain archetypes and rolls them together to make a unique character. She’s a mad scientist with a secret lair, and she uses her concoctions in her evil plans. At the same time, she manages to walk the line between being an effective and bumbling villain. Even when her plans are working, her terrible luck and lack of forward-thinking keeps her from truly achieving her goals. The fact that her henchman is the nicest person in the movie doesn’t help her ambitions either.

Yzma is one of the most entertaining villains that the Disney has ever produced, and she would be plenty of fun to spend time with when not collecting Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s dream shards. Even in a movie with a largely strong cast, she still stands out as a major highlight. Yzma can bring exactly the kind of fun that Dreamlight Valley needs more of, all the developers need to do is add her to the game.

Maleficent’s Legendary Status Would Be a Gain For Dreamlight Valley

Among all of Disney’s classic villains, few have a name value that can match that of Maleficent. Although she began as simply the antagonist for Sleeping Beauty, her reputation has grown higher than most Disney villains. Since her debut, she has benefited from multiple spin-off appearances, and even her own self-titled movies that give her a more sympathetic light. Dreamlight Valley would be a natural next step for one of Disney’s greatest villains. Although Ursula is already in Disney Dreamlight Valley as a well-known villain from Disney’s renaissance, Maleficent is a cut above her in terms of strength and icon status.

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Unlike most Disney villains, Maleficent’s strength as a character doesn’t come from her antics, but rather her sheer presence. Everything about Maleficent is meant to emphasize her power, from her design to the way that she carries herself. Her charisma comes from her cold, calm nature that can give way to a shocking display of magical strength. One could naturally expect her to carry herself with the same sort of dignity in Dreamlight Valley.

When it comes to Disney’s villains, Maleficent is easily the biggest one missing from Dreamlight Valley. Even with the game’s villains eschewing usual villainous actions, the strength of Maleficent’s presence would be difficult to dilute. Collecting Star Coins in Dreamlight Valley would be better with one of Disney’s most respected villains, and that makes Maleficent is more than worthy of joining the valley.

Disney villains are unquestionably popular, and Dreamlight Valley should make it a priority to bring more of them into the game. Since villains make up a good amount of the big names that have yet to cross into the game, one could likely expect more of them to join the cast in the future. Disney Dreamlight Valley is off to a good start, but more villains will keep the valley exciting for the future.

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