Disney Princesses And Their Sailor Moon Counterparts


Disney’s princesses are some of the most iconic characters in the Disney franchise. For generations, characters like Ariel and Pocahontas have taken fans on amazing adventures, and the best part, their stories stand the test of time. That’s because not only are their films amazing, but these characters are relatable.

These princesses aren’t the only ones that have the icon status, though. Enter the sailor scouts, princesses from other planets who battle forces of evil. Although these groups are from two different universes, they share a lot of similarities, including their unique personalities, bravery, and relatable storylines. One has to wonder if a Disney princess was a sailor scout, which one would she be?


8/8 Tiana-Sailor Jupiter

Tiana is the main protagonist in The Princess And The Frog. Her adventure begins when she kisses a frog who is a prince under a curse cast by an evil voodoo witch doctor. After Tiana’s kiss, the curse spreads to her, and now she and her comrades must figure out a way to undo the curse.

If Tiana were a sailor scout she would be sailor Jupiter. One main similarity they both have is they both love to cook. Tiana dreams of opening her restaurant, while Lita wants to open her own flower and cake shop. Both princesses are also strong-willed and Independent. Tiana knows the value of hard work to make her dreams come true while Lita is always the one sticking up for her friends.

7/8 Pocahontas – Sailor Mars

Pocahontas is based on a real historical figure that was narratively exploited by settler John Smith. In the Disney film, she suddenly falls in love with John Smith, but their love for each other faces many challenges because of their differences. Now Pocahontas must figure out a way to show her tribe and John’s people that even though they come from different backgrounds, they are all the same.

Pocahontas and Sailor Mars could not be more alike because they are both in touch with their surroundings and emotions. During one scene, Pocahontas must listen to the surrounding spirits to help guide her to the right path. Somewhat similarly, Rei is a shine priestess with physic powers who uses the sacred fire at the shrine to foresee if any evil entities are nearby. Also, both princesses have animal companions. Pocahontas has the hummingbird Flit while Rei befriends two crows named Phobos and Deimos.

6/8 Belle – Sailor Mercury

One of the earlier Disney princesses, Belle’s story in Beauty and the Beast is unique. She is held prisoner by a beast in order to save her father. As time goes by the beast and Belle start to form a friendship. In the end, true love conquers all, and the beast is turned back into a human, and the two live happily ever after.

Belle and Sailor Mercury share many similarities. While both princesses are intelligent and keep their heads in the books, it can sometimes cause them to lose touch with reality. With Belle, she has no clue what people say about her because she’s in her own world while reading. With Ami, she is so concentrated on studying and reading that many people assume she is snobby or arrogant.

5/8 Ariel – Sailor Venus

One of the more likable Disney princesses, The Little Mermaind‘s Ariel lives a life under the sea and dreams of living on land and meeting Prince Eric. Her dreams come true when Ursula the sea witch casts a spell to give her legs, but there’s a catch. Ursula takes away her voice and tells Ariel if she doesn’t get the prince to kiss her within three days, she must be her prisoner.

Ariel and Mina are two characters that love to enjoy life and live it to its fullest. They are both daring and not afraid to take risks. Ariel takes a risk by giving up her voice to be with prince Eric, while Mina decides to be a decoy moon princess in order to protect the real moon princess. They also both have a love for singing.

4/8 Merida – Sailor Uranus

Merida (from Brave) is a Scottish princess from DunBroch who wants to take her path in life, but by doing this, she accidentally unleashes a curse on her kingdom. Then she must figure out a way to undo the curse and save her home

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Neither Merida nor Sailor Uranus fit the typical princess role mostly because they are both headstrong and tomboyish. Another similarity that they both have is Merida loves to ride her horse Angus, while Amara loves to race cars.

3/8 Moana – Sailor Neptune

Moana goes on an epic adventure when a terrible curse reaches her island. She then sets forth on a mission to seek out the demigod who started the curse and to set things right.

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When it comes to Moana and Sailor Neptune, their main characteristic is that their element is the ocean. For Moana, the ocean calls to her In hopes she can stop the curse caused by the demigod, while Sailor Neptune’s power reigns from the ocean.

2/8 Rapunzel-Sailor Moon

Rapunzel, as seen in Tangled, is the princess of the kingdom of Corona whose hair has a special healing power that can make one stay young forever. The princess was kidnaped while she was an infant by the evil mother Gothel in order to obtain that power. Gothel raised Rapunzel as her own, locked away in a tower and forbidden to see the world behind the walls.

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Rapunzel and Sailor Moon’s stories are quite similar. They are both princesses with tragic upbringings whose real identities are kept secret from them. In Serena’s case, she was reborn again on the planet Earth in order to escape the clashes of the evil Queen Beryl, with no memory of her past life on planet earth. Both characters also have healing powers. Rapunzel’s hair holds the power of a magic flower, while sailor moon’s Moon Crescent Wand returns monsters to their human forms.

1/8 Aurora – Sailor Saturn

Aurora is one of the OG princesses, making her debut in 1959 in the film Sleeping Beauty. She was cursed to die by the evil fairy Maleficent. However, the curse was changed by three good fairies to instead simply make Aurora fall into a slumber that could only be broken by true love’s kiss.

Both Sailor Saturn and Auroa’s main storyline is their slumber, although Sailor Saturn’s story is a bit darker. She was isolated by the Silver Millennium and was in a deep slumber on the Planet Saturn. She was later awakened by the three special talismans after the Silver Millennium was destroyed.

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