Disney DV: How To Craft Purified Night Shards


Purified Night Shards are a unique item that players can craft in Disney Dreamlight Valley using a combination of Dream Shards and Night Shards. Despite its generally chill and cozy vibe, crafting is a big part of the Disney Dreamlight Valley experience, with players often crafting items and ingredients for various purposes. However, unlike most other crafted items in the game, which often have different uses, Purified Night Shards serve mainly as key items in friendship quests, with the game’s many Disney characters occasionally requesting shards. Given that completing friendship quests are a great way to level up friendships in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players might want to read up on where to find everything they need to craft this particular item.


While the game provides players with the crafting recipe for Purified Night Shards, which require 5 Night Shards and 1 Dream Shard, it doesn’t tell players where to find either material other than to look “everywhere” in Dreamlight Valley. However, this tip is more helpful than it seems on the surface, as it informs players that they don’t need to spend lots of Dreamlight to unlock access to expensive new biomes across the valley. Both Night Shards and Dream Shards can be found in the game’s opening Peaceful Meadow and Village Plaza areas.

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Before setting out to find these ingredients, players might want to increase their inventory space in Disney Dreamlight Valley with some extra slots using Star Coins, as the drop rate on Dream Shards is fairly low. As such, players will likely come across other useful items or even extra Night Shards that they might want to keep for future quests.

How To Craft Purified Night Shards In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Dream Shards can be found in all biomes from three main sources, including by digging up glowing mounds in the ground, using magic to remove Night Thorns, and feeding the valley’s critters their favorite foods. Dream Shards can spawn when players use their special magic to clear up the Night Thorns infesting the valley, although their drop rate from doing this is low. New Night Thorns will spawn every day, so players always have the chance to grab more Dream Shards. However, this is fairly inefficient. Similarly, feeding Dreamlight Valley critters their favorite foods will net players some rewards, but Dream Shards aren’t guaranteed drops.

The best approach is for players to dig up the glowing mounds that spawn throughout the valley. Unfortunately, these are also the only source of Night Shards, so players digging up these mounds will effectively be looking for both ingredients at the same time. Luckily, Night Shards have a higher drop rate, so players will likely end up with more than they need. Once players have everything they need, they should head to the nearest crafting station to craft Purified Night Shards.

It’s worth noting that players shouldn’t craft more Purified Night Shards than they need to, as their sell value is low, and Dream Shards are hard to find in Dreamlight Valley. Dream Shards are also used to craft Dreamlight, an extremely valuable resource that players of Disney Dreamlight Valley need to unlock new biomes and progress the story. As such, it’s best that players only craft what they need.

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