Disenchanted: 9 Movies & TV Shows Where You’ve Seen The Cast Before


Disenchanted, Disney’s sequel to the delightful comedy hit Enchanted, is going to be released on November 24th, 2022, and fans are eager to catch up with the movie’s beloved characters.

The movie picks up 15 years after the original and finds the dream couple (Giselle and Robert) moving from the big city to the suburbs. When problems arise at the hands of Malvina Monroe, the community overseer, Giselle wants her fairy tale lifestyle to return, only for her spell to go very, very wrong. The movie features a stellar cast, with many familiar characters and actors hitting the big screen once more.


Amy Adams – Arrival (2016)

Appearing as the lovely Giselle, Amy Adams is an onscreen delight, though she may be best known as Louise Banks in Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival. The movie follows Louise, a linguist, as she works alongside the military to communicate with a mysterious group of alien lifeforms.

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These two characters are set in wildly different worlds. Giselle, a princess from a fairy tale, has her head in the clouds, maintaining high spirits even when there is nothing to be happy about. Louise, on the other hand, is stern and serious. They do, however, share in their compassion, as Louise wants nothing more than to understand.

James Marsden – X Men Franchise (2000 – 2006)

Marsden appears as Prince Edward in the movie, but is best known for his work as Scott Summers aka Cyclops in the X-Men franchise. The movies follow the X-Men, a ragtag group of superpowered humans called mutants, as they fight to save humanity.

Again, set in vastly different universes, Marsden demonstrates his impressive acting range. Prince Edward is a pompous idiot who conforms to tradition and believes that he must save the princess. Scott Summers, whose fictional superpower is both awesome and horrific, meets tragedy at nearly every turn and bears this weight on his shoulders.

Patrick Dempsey – Grey’s Anatomy (2005 – 2015)

Starring as Robert in Disenchanted, Patrick Dempsey is most recognized for the role of Dr. Derek Shepherd in Grey’s Anatomy. A long-running TV series, the show follows a group of doctors, led by Meredith Grey, faced with life-and-death decisions every day.

These roles, while different in genre, do share their similarities. Both of these characters have compassion and empathy for their fellow man. Upon meeting Giselle, Robert, in spite of his confusion, takes her in and cares for her, whilst Dr. Shepherd often puts himself on the line for those he cares about.

Jayma Mays – Red Eye (2005)

Appearing as Ruby in the movie, Jayma Mays may be most known for playing Cynthia in Wes Craven’s Red Eye. The movie follows a woman who is kidnaped on a routine flight and persuaded, by threat of violence, into carrying out a political assassination.

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Cynthia is the friend of Rachel McAdams’ lead character, Lisa, and assists her when things on the plane are becoming difficult. She’s loyal to her friend, no matter what. Little is known of Ruby’s role in Disenchanted, but fans can be assured of her comedic chops, as she has many comedy roles under her belt.

Maya Rudolph – Bridesmaids (2011)

Rudolph appears as the scheming Malvina Monroe, but is perhaps best known for the role of Lilian in Bridesmaids. The movie follows a maid-of-honor and a bridesmaid, locked in a ridiculous competition, as they fight over who is the bride’s best friend.

Rudolph’s work in Bridesmaids highlights her comedic talents, but fans of her movies will no doubt know she is more than capable of delivering a hilarious performance. Her role as Monroe looks to be incredibly over-the-top, evil to an almost parodic degree, and this works perfectly in the exaggerated world of Disenchanted.

Oscar Nuñez – The Proposal (2009)

A notable comedic performer, Oscar Nuñez appears as Edgar in Disenchanted, but is best known for appearing as Ramone in The Proposal. A side-splitting Ryan Reynolds movie, it follows a pushy boss who forces her assistant to marry her so she can avoid deportation.

Nuñez’s work in The Proposal was full-on and it provides viewers with plenty of laughs in his limited screen time. Despite little being known of his role in Disenchanted, fans can be sure of one thing: if he brings as much energy to the role as he does in The Proposal, it’ll be something to remember.

Idina Menzel – Frozen (2013)

Idina Menzel returns in Disenchanted as Nancy Tremaine, but is best known for her work as Elsa in Frozen. The movie follows a world plunged into an infinite winter by Elsa, their Queen, and how her sister Anna tries to restore things to how they once were.

Full of catchy songs and lovable quotes, Frozen is a delight, and Menzel’s work further strengthens an already great movie. While the material of Disenchanted is somewhat lighter in tone, both roles provide Menzel with ample opportunity to show off her singing abilities, something fans will no doubt be excited to hear.

Yvette Nicole Brown appears as Rosaleen, but is most recognizable for the role of Shirley Bennett in Community. The show follows a lawyer who, upon being suspended from his job, must enroll in community college and come to grips with its eccentric student body.

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Brown’s work will no doubt differ somewhat from her work in Community, but as these are both comedic roles, she is set up for success. Rosaleen, as seen in the trailer, is Malvina’s friend, so it’s clear that Brown is leaning into a more villainous side for this performance. If she can bring audiences another character as memorable as Shirley Bennett, all is well.

Griffin Newman – The Tick (2016 – 2019)

Griffin Newman voices Pip, Giselle’s beloved chipmunk, but he is arguably best known for the role of Arthur Everest in The Tick. The show follows an accountant who realizes the city is being run by a supervillain, only for him to stumble across the titular superhero and team up.

Newman’s work in The Tick, alongside veteran funnyman Peter Serafinowicz, proves he is a comedic talent who can hold his own among big-name actors. With Pip now being able to talk, Newman will again be able to show off his funnyman chops, and, hopefully, bring that same energy he brings in The Tick.

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