DioField Chronicle: How to Fast Travel At The Base


The DioField Chronicle joins other Square Enix-published RPG titles like Octopath Traveler and Triangle Strategy with a diorama-style real-time strategy game where players take control of units controlled by the Blue Fox mercenaries while traveling fast throughout their base of operations. The DioField Chronicle offers a plethora of selectable units, akin to Bravely Default 2‘s playable characters, that command troops in battle missions that evolve in moment-to-moment gameplay. While managing the numerous classes and resources available in The DioField Chronicle, players will want to master mobility in the Blue Foxes Base, the hub location where a good amount of time may be spent.


While many of the strategic battles present in every chapter’s missions are where players might find the majority of their focus, the Blue Foxes Base holds over every supporting mechanic preparing for those endeavors. For example, finding places or people to spend the in-game currency Guild (G) or upgrading certain Skill Trees are both made easier through some knowledge of the layout of this hub. However, should players want to quickly farm money in The DioField Chronicle or level up fast through Practice Battles, the monotony of traveling back and forth around the Base becomes far less desirable upon repetition.

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The “Real Time Tactic Battle,” or RTTB, that The DioField Chronicle uses to refer to its mission structure, divides into Chapters that increase in difficulty the further players go. Therefore, preparation for each chapter’s challenges is a must, so players need to navigate around the Base to improve their units after nearly every mission they complete. In addition, players should take time to understand where to upgrade units in the Base while discovering how best to travel within it, considering there are additional mechanics such as the division of XP earned by leader units and adjutants, similar to Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

How To Fast Travel To the Base in The DioField Chronicle

The easiest way to fast travel in the Blue Foxes Base in The DioField Chronicle involves opening the map and fully confirming the location desired after a prompt comes up. Players can pull up the map of the Base by pressing R2 if on a controller through Xbox or PlayStation, or whatever key binding they have on PC. Selecting the area where a player wishes to fast travel raises a verification question just in case a mistake was made before transporting the player.

The map divides Blue Foxes Base into two sections within The DioField Chronicle, the first and second floors. Not quite as ambitious as Bravely Default 2‘s open world, The Base’s simple construction makes it easy for players not to get lost or confuse sections with each other. Each room for both floors is available for players to choose from when fast traveling. However, the separation of areas is visually distinct enough to limit errors when trying to move to them instantly.

Although the strategy present in The DioField Chronicle plays the most crucial part in the gameplay, the ease with which players can access the Base delivers a much-needed break from that intense action. The DioField Chronicle knows when to give players rest, and the traversal system in place reflects that, very comparable to Traingle Strategy‘s relationship to Final Fantasy Tactics. Through this simple to understand fast travel, players can swiftly move from place to place at the base of operations for the Blue Fox mercenaries in The DioField Chronicle.


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