Did The Midnight Club’s Ritual Work For Those Characters?


Warning: Spoilers ahead for The Midnight Club.

One detail in The Midnight Club explains why the Paragon ritual works for Julia Jayne but not for Ilonka. Set in a hospice called Brightcliffe, The Midnight Club centers on eight terminally ill teenagers who gather in the hospice’s library every night to recite stories to one another. Ilonka, the newest member of the storytelling club, joins the hospice after learning about the miraculous recovery of a girl named Julia Jayne, who cured herself of her terminal illness after she disappeared from the hospice for a week in 1968. As Ilonka digs deep into Brightcliffe’s history and unravels some buried secrets surrounding Julia Jayne’s story, she learns that their hospice was once the home of a cult called Paragon, and the cult’s rituals were somehow connected to Julia’s unexplained healing.


In Brightcliffe’s library, Ilonka finds a journal with the Paragon cult’s hourglass symbol embedded on its cover. The journal, written by a young girl Athena, reveals that the cult was formed by a woman who named herself Aceso, one of the five goddesses of healing and health. After realizing that there was something magical about Brightcliffe, Aceso tried performing a dark ritual, believing that it would extend her lifespan. However, she was unable to complete it because her daughter, Athena, refrained from participating in the act and reported her to the authorities. The Midnight Club‘s episode 8 reveals that during her one-week disappearance from the hospice, Julia had approached Aceso, and with her guidance, successfully performed the ritual to heal herself.

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After Shasta (later revealed to be Julia Jayne) encourages her, Ilonka and her group decide to perform the same Paragon ritual in the hospice’s basement. They precisely follow all the steps of the ritual and sacrifice their blood with one personal belonging as a part of the process. However, to their dismay, it changes nothing and Anya dies soon after. It remains a mystery why the ritual did not work on Anya until Ilonka performs it again with Julia in The Midnight Club‘s episode 8. That is when one key step in the ritual’s process shows why it did not work as effectively on Anya.

How & Why Julia Jayne’s Ritual Was Different From Ilonka’s

During the episode 8 ritual, Samantha Sloyan’s The Midnight Club character, Julia, asks all the women involved to drink a certain tea, and all of them, except Ilonka, obediently conform. Ilonka’s suspicion buys her some time, and before she is about to drink the tea, Dr. Stanton shows up and stops the ritual. Moments later, all the women who had ingested the tea start throwing up, which suggests that Julia had intended to sacrifice their lives for the ritual to work and had probably done the same back in 1968. Since Ilonka and her friends did not make any human sacrifices during their ritual to save Anya, it was not as effective and did not bring the same result as the one performed by Julia.

Although The Midnight Club‘s ending makes many revelations about the Paragon ritual, many details surrounding its origins and the scale of its impact are shrouded in mystery. Considering how Julia Jayne manages to escape before Stanton can stop her, she will likely try breaking into Brightcliffe’s basement again to complete the ritual successfully, which will probably disclose other intricacies of its process that cured her when she first performed it in 1968. This, of course, creates many intriguing prospects for The Midnight Club season 2’s storylines surrounding the Paragon, the origins of its rituals, and their connection to Brightcliffe’s past.

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