Destiny 2: How to Get The Gambit Ornament for Cry Mutiny (& God Roll)


Cry Mutiny is a Ritual Weapon that was added in Destiny 2 at the start of Season of Plunder. This Legendary Solar Grenade Launcher is capable of causing fiery explosions. A few well-placed shots of Cry Mutiny can clear out an entire group of enemies. Ritual weapons come with a curated roll, but Guardians have two options of Perks in both columns. This gives players the opportunity to change Cry Mutiny for different types of content.

Grenade Launchers in Destiny 2 have different uses depending on whether they are a Power weapon. While not always the case, Kinetic, and Special Grenade Launchers tend to be used more for crowd control, with Blinding Grenades being a go-to Perk. Alternatively, weapons with a Wave Frame are used for their wide radius. Power Grenade Launchers deal more damage than their counterparts and usually have a larger blast radius.


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Each season features a new Ritual Weapon for Guardians to collect. These guns used to be tied to specific seasonal quests but are now gained from getting to Rank 16 at any of the three main Vendors in Destiny 2. Like other weapons in Season of Plunder, Cry Mutiny has a pirate-themed design. In addition, the gun has a cannon-shaped appearance, which is emphasized by the explosive frag grenades launched with each shot.

How To Get Destiny 2’s Cry Mutiny (& Gambit Ornament)

As mentioned before, Cry Mutiny is earned at Rank 16 from the reward track from either Zavala, Shaxx, or The Drifter. Additionally, to earn one of the weapon’s Ornaments, Guardians will need to get to Rank 32. This is done by resetting the reward track at Rank 17. Players that want the Gambit Ornament should exclusively play Gambit. This is because they will earn a streak, granting bonus progress, for consecutive matches in the playlist. Additionally, accepting Cry Mutiny from one Vendor will not take the weapon out of the other Reward Tracks.

Ritual Weapons in Destiny 2 come at Masterwork 10 and a choice of two Perks in each column. Since the introduction of Origin Traits, these guns come with Origin Traits pertaining to the three playlist activities. Cry Mutiny is equipped with Volatile Launch for the Barrel and Mini Frags for the Magazine. For Trait 1, Guardians have a choice between Incandescent or Demolitionist. For Trait 2, players have the option of Swashbuckler or Vorpal Weapon.

Volatile Launch significantly increases blast radius while slightly decreasing handling speed and projectile speed. Mini Frags increase magazine size and reload speed but decrease blast radius. The optimal Perk combination is Incandescent and Swashbuckler. The former Trait will spread Scorch to nearby foes upon killing an enemy. Swashbuckler will add a stacking damage buff after defeating an opponent with a melee or weapon attack. Thanks to the Scorch stacks distributed by Incandescent, getting to the max damage buff is easy in Destiny 2. Guardians that equip the Ember of Ashes Solar 3.0 Fragment will increase the number of Scorch stacks applied.

Cry Mutiny is one of the best Legendary weapons added in Season of Plunder. Each week, one of the playlist activities will grant double rank points. Those that wish to collect everything for Cry Mutiny should pay attention to this bonus. Fortunately, players have almost two months until the season’s end. Guardians should start earning progress toward Cry Mutiny if they want to own one of the best Grenade Launchers in Destiny 2.

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