Dear 2023 Met Gala, Here Are 17 Theme Ideas You Could’ve Used Instead Of Karl Lagerfeld


Shoji walked so Siriano could run. He once told Page Six Style, “Making a dress is like painting on a canvas, and the figure is the canvas. You just have to change the proportions, that’s all. Whether it’s a big canvas, a small canvas, a narrow canvas — if the proportions are correct, the painting will come out beautiful.”

Similar to the Siriano theme, this Met Gala would honor the designer’s ethos of inclusivity. Attendees could wear some of Shoji’s designs, but I’d also love to see some interpret “the figure is the canvas” to adjust an iconic outfit from the past (such as Audrey Hepburn’s black Breakfast at Tiffany’s dress or Hedy Lamar’s starry Ziegfeld Girl gown) to fit their body type and personal style.


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