Deadpool Finally Becomes An Official Mutant


Deadpool finally becomes an official mutant, thanks to an all-new body made by Krakoa itself – but does this mean he’s a hero?

Warning: SPOILERS for X-Force #32

Marvel’s Deadpool is finally an official mutant, thanks to the fantastic properties of Krakoa – but does this mean the Merc with a Mouth is finally ready to join the side of good? Deadpool is a emphatically R-Rated and rather morally-nebulous character, and his choices are nearly always self-serving; he puts himself before others most of the time. But in X-Force #32, Wade Wilson’s new form means new possibilities for the newly-official mutant.


In current comics continuity, the island nation of Krakoa is under attack. The X-Men are engaged in a bitter war with the Eternals; the Jack Kirby-created group decides the X-Men represent “excess deviation” and must be corrected. While the X-Men defend their island home from the Eternals, other threats attack the island: Kraven the Hunter, undeterred by the ongoing Judgment Day event, decides to attack the island in search of dangerous mutants to hunt and kill.

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In X-Force #32, written by Benjamin Percy with art by Robert Gill, Kraven the Hunter uses Deadpool’s severed head to allow him to pass through Krakoa’s gates. Deadpool bites off his tongue to give the X-Men a clue, and warn them a dangerous enemy is on the island. Meanwhile, Black Tom Cassidy uses his powers to create a new body for Deadpool out of the trees and plantlife of Krakoa itself. “At last. I finally know what it means to be an annoying vegan” triumphantly announces Deadpool. The new body is also perfectly suited for combating Omega Red, Deadpool’s rival who is also on the island.

Deadpool’s Mutant Status Is No Longer in Question

Deadpool is occasionally cited as a mutant, but technically speaking, he does not contain the X-gene. Deadpool’s powers come from a combination of an incredibly aggressive cancer and an experimental scientific procedure courtesy of the Weapon X Project. This gave Deadpool a supremely advanced healing factor, so powerful that the character has survived being shot, stabbed, burned alive and decapitated. The body gifted to him by Krakoa makes Deadpool finally possess the X-gene, which would naturally make Wade ecstatic – not necessarily because he has always wanted to join the X-Men, but because he now has something in common with one of his idols, Wolverine.

Now that Deadpool is an official mutant, his life will unfortunately not get any easier. The island of Krakoa is in great peril thanks to the Progenitor Celestial’s decision to destroy the island, and the damage done by the Eternals’ initial strike has yet to be repaired. While Deadpool may be an official mutant thanks to his new body, he will have a truly difficult time joining the official roster of X-Men, let alone being accepted by the rest of the island inhabitants.

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