Deadpool 3: Ryan Reynolds’s 10 Highest-Grossing Films Of All Time


Ryan Reynolds has once again sent his fans aflurry with the surprise announcement that Deadpool 3 will be released on September 6th, 2024 as a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s Phase 5. With the additional news that Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine will also be appearing in the film, the Deadpool sequel has only generated more excitement for itself.

With yet another surefire hit in Reynolds’s near future, fans have the opportunity to look back at some of the actor’s greatest successes so far in his career. Using data from The Numbers, fans can even find his most profitable films at the worldwide box office.


10/10 Green Lantern (2011) – $219,535,492

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Green Lantern is a 2011 superhero film centered around the DC superhero of the same name. Ryan Reynolds portrays Hal Jordan, a flight test pilot who comes to possess a mysterious green ring that allows him to join the Green Lantern Corps, which defends the galaxy from unseen threats.

Green Lantern was a colossal failure in every sense of the word, bombing at the box office and earning universally negative reviews. Reynolds has frequently joked about the film’s disappointing nature, though he would thankfully later redeemed in the superhero genre after being cast as Deadpool in Fox’s X-Men franchise.

9/10 Turbo (2013) – $286,896,578

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Turbo is a 2013 animated film starring Ryan Reynolds as the eponymous snail who longs to race in the Indy 500. The film depicts Turbo’s training to enter the race, including his many trials and tribulations along the way as he takes on a seemingly impossible task.

Turbo had limited success at the box office, with audiences turning out in moderate numbers to see the underdog story play out. While the film was not a disappointment, it ultimately had little impact on audiences or on Reynolds’s overall career.

8/10 The Proposal (2009) – $314,709,717

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The Proposal is a 2009 romantic comedy starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds as two co-workers who must pretend to be engaged in order to fool an immigration agent who is threatening to send Bullock’s character back to Canada.

With a very small budget and good word of mouth, The Proposal became a colossal box office success, acting as an early hit for Reynolds in his career. He would go on to star in further romantic comedies, though none would quite measure up to his success opposite Bullock, with the actor rather finding greater profit in action films.

7/10 Free Guy (2021) – $323,496,495

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Free Guy is one of the last films produced by 20th Century Fox prior to its acquisition by Disney. As a result, the film was shelved for several years before being released in 2021. The movie depicts a fictional world set within an open-world video game in which Ryan Reynolds portrays an NPC named Guy who suddenly becomes sentient.

Free Guy was a surprise hit, earning rave reviews from critics and an impressive worldwide gross, even with the continuing COVID-19 pandemic causing many audiences to avoid movie theaters. The film also saw Reynolds breaking his typical sarcastic typecast, giving him a slightly different role than what audiences were used to, thereby opening his future career to more diverse roles.

6/10 X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) – $374,825,760

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine is the first of three spinoff films centered around Hugh Jackman’s iconic mutant character from the X-Men franchise. This film, a prequel exploring the character’s past before losing his memory, stars a number of important mutants, including the first appearance of Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson, a.k.a. Deadpool.

Despite seeing a moderate success at the box office, X-Men Origins was universally hated, becoming a laughingstock among superhero fans, particularly for bungling the character of Deadpool. Nevertheless, Reynolds remained a popular casting choice, leaving fans open to his eventual return as a rebooted version of the character in 2016’s Deadpool.

5/10 Detective Pikachu (2019) – $431,344,168

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Detective Pikachu is a 2019 film starring the eponymous character from the Pokémon games. Ryan Reynolds voices the iconic Pikachu, who must overcome a bout of memory loss in order to unravel a sinister plot to turn humans into Pokémon.

The film didn’t quite follow the games, but managed to be a major success nonetheless, with particular praise pointed at Reynolds’s portrayal of the beloved character. Despite the film’s impressive box office numbers, fans are left disappointed by the lack of news on a potential sequel, indicating that Detective Pikachu was a one-off success.

4/10 The Croods (2013) – $573,068,425

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The Croods is an animated comedy starring a family of cavemen whose lives are changed forever when a stranger named Guy, voiced by Ryan Reynolds, comes bearing news that the world may be ending. Things get even more complicated when Guy falls in love with Eep, who is voiced by Emma Stone, angering her father.

The Croods earned general praise from critics and proved to be a success among movie-going families. Though not quite the highest-earning project in Reynolds’s filmography, the movie’s success was enough to warrant the actor’s return in the 2020 sequel.

3/10 Hobbs And Shaw (2019) – $760,381,706

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Hobbs and Shaw is a spinoff set in the Fast and Furious universe starring Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham’s eponymous characters. The film sees the two diametrically opposed characters team up against the villainous supersoldier Brixton Lore, played by Idris Elba, with some help from the CIA, including an agent portrayed by Ryan Reynolds.

Despite only appearing in the film as a cameo feature, Reynolds’s involvement was nevertheless a major talking point for fans of the franchise, who voiced great excitement at the actor’s introduction. The spinoff’s success was enough to warrant a sequel, in which many fans are hopeful Reynolds will appear.

2/10 Deadpool (2016) – $781,947,691

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Deadpool is the long-awaited reboot of the eponymous character, which is considered to be one of the best R-rated superhero films ever made. With Ryan Reynolds returning as the Merc With A Mouth, the film reinvents the X-Men franchise entirely, opening up a new corner of its world, which quickly became beloved by fans.

With a relatively small budget compared to other major superhero films, Deadpool was a major success, quickly becoming one of the highest-earning R-rated movies of all time. The film also managed to redeem Reynolds after a number of failed superhero projects, causing him to universally be thought of as the definitive Deadpool. The film’s success spawned a 2018 sequel and turned the eponymous antihero into a household name.

1/10 Deadpool 2 (2018) – $786,362,370

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Deadpool 2 is the sequel to the hit 2016 film, which takes its premise to bigger and better levels than its predecessor. With the introduction of Josh Brolin’s Cable, the film tells a thematic story of family and self-acceptance in the guise of a superhero story, while also poking fun at other comic book movie franchises.

Deadpool 2 earned similar numbers as the original film, slightly beating its predecessor’s total profits. The film only bolstered Reynolds’s already meteoric career, which has now seen him play many Deadpool-esque roles in recent films. The high quality of the second Deadpool film has led to the confirmation that Reynolds’s character will indeed be joining the MCU during the Multiverse Saga, with the third installment of the franchise taking place within the sprawling cinematic universe.

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