Deadpool 3: 10 Epic MCU Hero Cameos For Wade And Wolverine’s Team-Up


The internet has broken once again thanks to Ryan Reynolds’ recent social media activity wherein he announced, in his typically brilliant tongue-in-cheek fashion, the release date for Deadpool 3 on September 6, 2024. Fans have eagerly anticipated Wade Wilson’s entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Reynolds didn’t disappoint.

He seemingly confirmed in a short video via an offhand appearance by Hugh Jackman that Wolverine will be joining the third Deadpool film. While that’s certainly enough for MCU audiences to feast upon, the umbrella of Phase 5’s multiverse saga will assuredly involve more appearances by fan-favorite heroes.


10/10 Sam Wilson’s Captain America Deserves Cameos

The truth is, Captain America was an essential component of the MCU Infinity Saga even outside of his own movies, being the leader of the Avengers as well as making a number of cameo appearances. Ideally, the Multiverse Saga should carry on that tradition to ensure Anthony Mackie’s version of Captain America is held in no less regard than the version played by Chris Evans, and the first movie which introduces both Wade Wilson and Logan to the MCU is a terrific place for Cap to make a quick visit.

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Fanboys and girls the world over know perfectly well part of the Marvel mythos is Cap’s shield fending off an array of other hero offenses, much as it did with Thor’s hammer, Iron Man’s repulsors, and Spider-Man’s webs, and there are few Marvel diehards who don’t want to see Logan’s adamantium claws rake across Sam’s vibranium shield.

9/10 Yelena Belova Can Match Wade’s Wit

One of the main reasons why fans, writers, and creators alike have always wanted to see Jackman’s Wolverine and Reynolds’ Deadpool onscreen together is their respective abilities to turn a phrase and issue quick, snappy comebacks as they dish out the hurt to varied bad guys. Watching Wade or Logan crack wise as easily as they crack heads is an essential component of their antihero characters, and who better to join the fray of witty rejoinders than Natasha’s younger sister Yelena?

She’s not only as ruthless, deadly, and capable as her Black Widow sibling, she takes herself far less seriously and knows how to both make and take a joke. Florence Pugh’s best scene-stealing movie character would light up the screen with the likes of Wolvie and Wade.

8/10 James McAvoy’s Professor X Can Follow Stewart’s Cameo

Since Marvel fans have already seen Patrick Stewart’s version of the X-Men leader in a brief Illuminati cameo during the events of the MCU’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and since James McAvoy already did a brief cameo alongside most of the X-Men First Class team in Deadpool 2, it stands to reason McAvoy could easily make his own brief splash in the MCU pool in the third Deadpool film.

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There’s so much Professor X crossover within the lexicon of Fox and Marvel films, such as in Logan or Days of Future Past, it’d be almost remiss not to have McAvoy appear in some brief manner, perhaps while pontificating upon the dangers of multiversal incursions.

7/10 She-Hulk Can Break The Fourth Wall With Deadpool

There’s no escaping the inevitable. The simple truth is, Marvel’s two primary comic characters who routinely break the fourth wall and address readers or viewers directly almost certainly will be meeting at some point on the big or smaller screen. Tatiana Maslany’s breakout surprise Disney Plus character has proved to be hugely popular so far, aside from some negligible CGI issues.

Jennifer Walters manages to exude the same kind of self-aware charm and suave demeanor that Wade Wilson is notorious for, albeit in a more Disney PG fashion (a certain episode one end credit exclamation notwithstanding). She-Hulk and Deadpool are destined for an epic fan service fourth wall break exchange that no doubt will be utterly hilarious.

6/10 The Hulk Can Return In Rampage Mode

If Deadpool 3 turns out to be Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine first and only appearance in the MCU via multiverse shenanigans, then it’d be almost criminal not to serve up yet another long vaunted fan bucket list moment…the legendary battle royale between the Hulk and the Wolverine.

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Subject of many a fan meme and near-constant contest polls, the debate between who might triumph in a brawl between the Green Goliath and Weapon X has been ongoing for the better part of thirty years (invariably, Logan tends to win out due to his healing factor). Still, the prospect of the Hulk dishing out everything he’s got to the two characters in the Marvel catalog who can take it thanks to their regenerative powers is mighty tantalizing indeed.

5/10 Loki Can Continue His Multiversal Journey

It’s probably true that most Marvel loyalists have a constant suspicion, or not-so-secret desire, in the back of their minds that Loki may turn up in any of the multiverse-adjacent Marvel properties since the events of Loki season one. While that didn’t happen in the events of Doctor Strange 2 nor Spider-Man No Way Home, there’s no reason why Loki couldn’t make a quick surprise cameo in Deadpool 3, which is almost guaranteed to be some sort of multiverse tie-in to move Wade over from the Fox-verse to the MCU.

Showrunners are probably saving Tom Hiddleston’s fervent fan support to rally audiences for Lokiseason 2, but it’d be enthralling to witness an engagement between the trickster god, Wolverine, and Wade, three of the most sarcastic characters in Marvel screen history.

4/10 X-Force Can Live On With Domino

One of the blazing highlights of Deadpool 2 was Zazie Beetz’ perennially fortunate character of Domino. Proving herself more than capable of keeping up with the quick deadpan delivery of Ryan Reynolds, Beetz provided a delightful performance as the only surviving member of X-Force. The characters seemed so in tune with each other it’s hard to imagine future Deadpool stories without Domino present in some form or another, much like his recurring associates Blind Al, Weasel, Colossus, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

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Fans might push the envelope further in hoping for a Josh Brolin Cable cameo, but since Brolin already delivered a certain purple titan antagonist, that might go too far. Still, Thanos is supposedly dead, so…stranger things have happened.

3/10 The New Black Panther Needs Screen Time

This one’s likely a long shot given the rumored R-rating Deadpool 3 will hold. It may be that whoever ends up taking the mantle in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, releasing on November 11, just over a month away, may suffer from the character necessarily having died too soon and might be too solemn a hero for meeting the bloody dynamic duo of Wade Wilson and Logan.

Still, much as Boseman’s original character made several appearances in the likes of Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, and What If?season one, it might be for the greater good that the new Black Panther should be showcased even briefly across as many platforms as feasible in order to ease loyalist audiences into the new post-Boseman Panther era.

2/10 Shang Chi Hasn’t Had A Cameo Yet

Another admitted stretch given the more adult tone and timbre of standard Deadpool fare, but not too long of one if fans remember the considerable comedic chops of Simu Liu he wielded within his debut feature. Audiences haven’t seen much of Shang Chi et al within the multiverse adjuncts, and there seem to be no immediate appearances planned, presumably until Avengers: Kang Dynasty or Avengers: Secret Wars.

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His charming rapport with Awkwafina’s sidekick Katy showed he’s got the wherewithal to keep up with Logan or Wade’s quick wit, he’s got the martial skills to match the claws and the mouth, and who wouldn’t want to witness Deadpool or Wolverine facing the might of the Ten Rings?

1/10 Spider-Man And Deadpool Have Comic History Together

As comic purists already are well aware, Peter Parker is a frequent comrade-in-arms of Wade Wilson, as is Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil. Spider-Man is as fast with a punchline as he is a punch, and he and Wade often go rounds in all the ways one might imagine, sometimes on the same side and sometimes not. Having Peter Parker appear in a multiverse construct to bring Deadpool into the MCU is a no-brainer.

The only real question might be which version of Spider-Man would best suit a Deadpool 3 cameo, and it’s a fair bet Marvel diehards would be happy with either the Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, or Tom Holland version…though odds lay heavy with Holland’s newly forgotten Parker, something Wade Wilson might enjoy dropping a 4th Wall break upon

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