DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Series


The third season of Stargirl is already streaming on HBO Max, with one episode airing every week. Fans of the show are already speculating if it will have a fourth season, since CW has been canceling so many of its shows, such as Supergirl, The Flash, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

This last one ended six months ago with season 7 and fans couldn’t have been more heartbroken. Legends of Tomorrow was one of the best shows in Arrowverse since it included many interesting characters and had no qualms about constantly breaking the rules. Its chaotic energy made it an iconic superhero show, and fans are still not over it, with many creating several iconic memes to express their favorite moments and dynamics.


The Best Bromance

One of the aspects the fans love the most about this TV show is Nate and Ray’s friendship. The dynamic duo bonded over their geeky interests, and they are constantly protecting each other. Their bromance is so precious that Nate was Ray’s best man when he married Nora.

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Not only that, but, as this meme perfectly shows, some fans even ship them together. Even though they have exclusively dated women throughout the show, there’s no doubt they would probably make a fantastic couple. It’s a shame Ray had to leave the show in season 5, so fans couldn’t see more interaction between these characters.

Doesn’t Take Itself Too Seriously

Legends of Tomorrow is known for being the most chaotic and hilarious show in the Arrowverse. Where the other shows try to have consistent storylines and “serious” villains, this show doesn’t take itself too seriously (as this meme shows).

In Legends, viewers will find plenty of historical inaccuracies, ridiculous villains like Beebo, and a complete disregard for the timeline’s safety. Still, this show has a lot of hard, and some of the most compelling characters in the Arrowverse, which is why fans love it.

It Has Great LGBTQ+ Representation And Diverse Roles

Legends of Tomorrow is one show that offers strong LGBTQ+ representation and diverse roles. Sarah Lance is certainly one of the best LGBTQ+ characters in the show and her relationship with Ava has proven to be a favorite, with many fans loving how their relationship blossomed and developed on screen.

Legends of Tomorrow also features John Constantine, who is a bisexual character and a warlock, as well as Gary Green, who is a pansexual character in charge of protecting the timeline. The writers of the show had always done their best to make sure that they were inclusive as possible and if someone were to ask the fans, they would say they did a good job.

Fairy Godmother Is Part Of The Main Cast

This TV show is constantly adding interesting characters to its roster. Viewers come to learn that the Fairy Godmother is a real entity in the Legends universe. However, when Nora is trying to save Mona, she needs to make a deal with the Fairy Godmother, and Nora becomes the legendary character from fairy tales (which was one of Nora’s most iconic scenes in the show).

What’s supposed to be a wholesome and extraordinary job, soon becomes a burden. Nora spends most of her time having to make children’s wishes come true, which is more tiresome work than she expected. Still, Nora dressed as the Fairy Godmother is one of the best things that happened in the TV show, taking into account she used to be a powerful villain in earlier seasons.

The Most Ambitious Crossover

Legends of Tomorrow reached its ultimate metatextual milestone when they decided to hire John Noble to play himself while he performed in the Lord of the Rings (while the same actor was the voice of Mallus, a demon and one of the main villains of the show).

This show has a great amount of fan service, and viewers immensely appreciate it. Legends of Tomorrow constantly includes characters that are historical figures (and sometimes deeply changes their roles in history) and includes various fictional characters from DC and other pieces of media as well, giving the fans everything they could possibly want.

They Have A Superhero Who Writes Romance Novels

As every fan of DC Comics knows, there’s nothing more important for these superheroes to keep their real identities hidden. Superheroes like Batman and Superman go along with their duties at the same time they live their alter egos lives as Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent.

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However, the characters in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow have more important issues to attend to than keeping their identities hidden. Except for Mick Rory, an ultra-masculine character who writes romance novels under the pen name of Rebecca Silver, an identity he works hard to keep a secret.

Things Rarely Go According To Plan

For superheroes, there’s nothing more important than to have a plan of action to tackle the different adversities they need to face. Superheroes like Flash and Supergirl have their own teams who help them understand their villain’s weaknesses and use them against them.

However, the Legends prefer a more spontaneous course of events. Even though sometimes they do try to create a plan, it rarely goes well, so most of the time they have to improvise. This is one of the most interesting parts of the show, because fans never really know what’s going to happen.

Beebo Is The Best Villain

Every superhero from the Arrowverse needs to face some of the most dangerous villains, challenging them physically and emotionally. Flash, for example, had to defeat Savitar, who it was later revealed was one of his remnants, so in a way, he had to face himself. Supergirl, as well, had to face Lex Luthor, her cousin’s nemesis, and her best friend’s brother.

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However, villains in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow take a very different route. One of the most challenging villains they had to face was Beebo, a famous toy that became an anachronism when it was accidentally left with the Vikings, who made it their God of War.

History Lessons

One of the best parts of Legends of Tomorrow is that the characters are constantly traveling to the past to fix several problems with the timeline. Viewers love seeing some of the most interesting historical figures through the eyes of this TV show, such as Janis Joplin, Al Capone, Helen of Troy, and Julius Caesar.

The show may not always portray these characters in the most accurate way, but who cares about historical accuracy when viewers get to see some of these characters doing the most anachronic things. For example, one of the best filler episodes in the show is an homage to Mr. Rogers in which the cast portrays different characters in an episode of his show.

Absolutely No Regards For The Timeline

Every time that Flash has tried to change the timeline, there have been severe consequences. In one of the timelines, Cisco dies in the hands of Eobard Thawne, in Flashpoint Wally is badly injured, and when Barry tries to fix the timeline, there end up being a lot of changes, like Caitlin becoming Killer Frost and Savitar stepping up as the main villain.

Even though the Legends also have to face the consequences of changing things from the past, it doesn’t stop them from constantly creating alternative timelines and changing certain historical characters’ perspectives. Whereas Flash tries to be very careful when traveling to the past, for the Legends it is a constant party.

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