DC’s Dinosaur Batman Steals A Classic Superman Line


Although Batman is a T.Rex in DC’s new Jurassic League series, the prehistoric Dark Knight somehow manages to steal one of Superman’s classic lines.

This post contains SPOILERS for Jurassic League #5

In the latest issue of DC Comics’ Jurassic League, the Tyrannosaurus Rex Batman steals one of Superman’s most classic lines (with a prehistoric spin). While this alternate DC Universe features the formation of the Justice League with heroes who are all different kinds of sentient and superpowered dinosaurs, the dinosaur Batman hasn’t been the biggest team player thus far. Instead, he’s been more interested in hunting down the Jokerzard, the dilophosaurus who killed his T.Rex parents.


Previously in Jurassic League from Juan Gedeon and Daniel Warren Johnson, several villainous dinosaurs such as the Blackmantasuarus, Jokerzard, Reverse-Slash, and more have been serving the Dark Embryo, a giant sinister egg containing the Darkyloseid, the ankylosaurus version of the Lord of Apokolips. Now that the egg has hatched, the prehistoric world’s heroes have come together to save the planet’s dinosaurs and humankind from certain doom.

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However, the Batsaur and his human cave girl version of Robin ignore Darkyloseid, instead hunting the Jokerzard with the Dino Knight wanting total revenge in the new Jurassic League #5. That being said, the Batsaur is convinced to return after his new sidekick is kidnaped by the Jokerzard who then unleashes a horde of evil dinosaurs, Darkyloseid’s new prehistoric army. Using the primitive glider the T.Rex Batman made in earlier issues, the Dino Knight is seen by a tribe of humans flying overhead, resulting in the Batsaur stealing one of the most classic lines from more traditional Superman comics.

Despite humorously swapping “plane” for “pterodactyl”, the tribe’s classic reaction to the Batsaur is typically reserved for Superman when he flies above Metropolis in the main DC Universe. However, the Supersaur can fly just as well as his human counterpart, so it’s somewhat strange that he didn’t receive the line himself. While it’s probably because the tribe in question were the same humans who raised the Supersaur (and wouldn’t be surprised by his powers), the subversion of expectation with the Batsaur and his glider is still odd. Even the dinosaur version of Green Lantern would have made more sense.

At any rate, The T.Rex Batman stealing Superman’s style is still a dynamic return to the main battle, completing the formation of the Jurassic League in this new series. As such, the new prehistoric team of heroes is finally ready to take the fight to Darkyloseid in earnest when the final issue releases in October. Jurassic League #5 is on sale now.


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