DC Makes Superman the Justice League’s Worst Member With One Change


Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for DC: MECH #3Thanks to his remixed origins in an alternate DC Universe, Superman has become the Justice League’s worst member in the latest issue of DC: MECH. Set in a world where weaponized mech suits became the dominant power in the face of parademon war machines from Apokolips, this new Pacific Rim-inspired Justice League has yet to become a true squadron of pilots, least of all Kal-El who’s only just arrived on planet Earth. Believing himself to be humanity’s savior without having spent any meaningful time on the world itself, this new series has been proving just how crucial Superman’s upbringing as Clark Kent is to his character in the main DCU.


Previously in DC: MECH from Kenny Porter and Baldemar Rivas, Darkseid’s forces came to Earth at the end of WWII, destroying the Justice Society of America and ending the age of heroes. Instead, the ultimate power became mech suits constructed to defend against a future attack that would no doubt be far more destructive than the first. However, Kal-El has come to Earth in a Kryptonian mech suit of his own, offering his help to Earth’s greatest pilots and confirming that his parents sent him from Krypton to make sure Darkseid couldn’t destroy any other world like he did theirs.

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Considering the fact that Kal-El has been met with a mix of open arms and suspicion depending upon the pilot, the Kryptonian doesn’t do himself any favors in the new DC: MECH #3. In the new issue, Kal-El and Batman were meant to share leadership of their new squadron consisting of Princess Diana and Barry Allen along with Hal Jordan and Jon Stewart who both co-pilot the Green Lantern mech. However, Superman is incredibly reckless, believing that only he can prevent Earth from suffering the same fate as his home world. As a result, his teammates aren’t so enthused by his efforts which nearly got them killed while causing massive amounts of damage.

DC: MECH’s Superman Desperately Needs His Clark Kent Origins

Unfortunately, the impromptu intervention doesn’t do much to change this alternate Superman’s tactics, seeing as how he almost immediately goes off on his own to save Steve Trevor’s forces who’ve been losing their battle in space against Kalibak, one of Darkseid’s generals. Not wanting to lose anyone else, Kal-El thinks he’s the only one able to save Earth, a perspective that not only puts his team in danger but also himself. All in all, It’s quite the character weakness for Superman to have, giving this new version of Kal-El a flaw that’s pretty unique for the Man of Steel. However, his defeat at the hands of one of Darkseid’s long-range omega beams saw his mech crashing-landing in none other than Smallville, resulting in his rescue by Jon and Martha Kent.

It seems as though Kal-El will be getting his Clark Kent origins to some degree in the issues to come, albeit in a rather backwards way where’s he already been fighting as a hero. Hopefully, the human couple will be able to show love to Kal-El while helping him realize he can’t save the world solely on his own. In any case, it’s certainly something this new Superman needs to figure out in order to become a true member of this alternate Justice League. DC: MECH #3 is on sale.

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