DC Just Confirmed Its Most Powerful Magic User


Devil Nezha’s assault on the DC Universe continues in Batman vs. Robin #2 and one magic user may be the most crucial to his insidious plans.

This article contains SPOILERS for Batman vs. Robin #2!It seems that the most powerful magic user in the DC Universe has finally been revealed. Batman vs. Robin #2 may have shed a light on which master of the arcane is the most crucial to the Devil Nezha’s plans.

If there’s one thing that helps give the DC Universe its iconic and unique identity, it’s the strong magics that are tied into its foundations. From the avatar of the Green to the Spirit of Vengeance, there are a number of powerful heroes who represent different facets of magic. Phantom Stranger, Doctor Fate, or the original Green Lantern Alan Scott, the DCU has so many supernatural heroes, each with their own special magic touch. And while it may be difficult to judge which person could potentially be the strongest, the question has to be asked: Out of all the magic users in the DC Universe, who is the most powerful?


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An answer may have come out of the most recent calamity to face the witches and sorcerers of the DC Universe. In Batman vs. Robin #2 by Mark Waid and Mahmud Asrar, things are getting dangerous for DC’s occult heroes as they face an assault from the evil Devil Nezha. Magic itself is becoming corrupted, and those who aren’t facing deadly situations like Zatanna or John Constantine are finding themselves being robbed of their otherworldly relics. After Zor and Klarion the Witch Boy return from stealing the Ragman’s soul suit, they bring their prize to Nezha, who presents it to the young magic user Lori Zechlin, aka Black Alice. Black Alice is being forced to use her powers to transfer the properties of magical items into the Helmet of Fate. However, Lori isn’t complying and is being tortured by Nezha to utilize her gifts.

Why is DC’s Most Powerful Magic User Black Alice?

The extent of Lori’s powerful magic in the DC Universe has previously been seen in series like Birds of Prey and Secret Six. As Black Alice, Lori is able to temporarily steal the abilities of any magic user in the world. Raven, Black Adam, even the Spectre have all had their abilities taken at one point or another by the teenager, whose own gift comes from an ancient pagan pantheon. She may have found herself unwillingly working for Nezha, but Lori may have proved just how powerful she is in this unfortunate situation.

The Devil Nezha proved himself to be quite the powerful threat in Batman/Superman: World’s Finest with the ease through which he possesses people. Green Lantern, Shazam, even Superman have all fallen under his thrall and become his willing servants. However, Black Alice doesn’t appear to be under the same control. Nezha’s torturing her to get want he wants, sure, but he isn’t taking control of Lori directly. It seems that Black Alice has a hidden power that gives her a slight edge compared to everyone else who are falling to Nezha’s attack. Black Alice is an outlier to Nezha’s plans, and that may make her the most crucial magic user in the DC Universe.

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