Dated & Related: All Season 1 Cast Members Ranked By Instagram Followers


Netflix’s Dated & Related , with its unusual premise of siblings acting as wingmen for each other to find love, took viewers by surprise when it debuted on Sept. 2, 2022. With the show’s success, the cast members are experiencing surges in online fan followings.

The Instagram follower counts of the cast members shows which personalities have captured the most attention, ranging from the Wade twin brothers to the Parsijani twin sisters. It’s worth looking into their Instagram feeds to learn what they’re up to and what kind of content they offer fans who have connected to them through Dated & Related’s successful streaming run.


19/19 Corrina Roppo – 10.9K Instagram Followers

Corrina Roppo, the sister of Joey Roppo is currently maintaining a temporary Instagram account while her main one is down.

Her feed currently has posts about the bond she has with her sibling, along with where she’s out and about in the city living her best life.

18/19 Lily Bajor – 11.8K Instagram Followers

Lily Bajor’s Instagram doesn’t shy away from reminding viewers of her time on Dated & Related, with various posts dedicated to it.

Apart from that, Bajor promotes her outings and music-related posts with her sister on the platform. Given her frequent posts, her followers are regularly entertained.

17/19 Andy Foster – 12.2K Instagram Followers

As a personal trainer, it makes sense that Andy Foster’s Instagram feed is filled with pictures of his chiseled physique.

Foster’s images and videos are largely based around the seaside where he enjoys his time with family and friends, giving followers a look into his general life.

16/19 Chris Hahn – 17.5K Instagram Followers

The cousin of Jason Cohen, Chris Hahn’s Instagram feed is dedicated toward his Dated & Related appearance, along with promoting his appearances.

Hahn’s impeccable physique and regular posting ensures that fans get exactly what they want from his feed, which highlights his various ongoings in life.

15/19 Ceylan Taneri – 18.6K Instagram Followers

Ceylan Taneri, the brother of Alara Taneri, doesn’t have as many followers as his sister, but his Instagram feed is a delight nonetheless. Taneri’s social media can pretty much double as a travel log.

Taneri’s posts largely have to do with where he’s headed off to, showing off a real glamorous side that his followers will find fetching.

14/19 Jason Cohen – 19.1K Instagram Followers

Jason Cohen’s loves the beach, with the majority of his posts set there. His uploads shed light on the impact Dated & Related has made for him.

Cohen also shows the secret to his ripped physique, as quite a few of his pictures showcase his time at the gym getting into tip-top shape.

13/19 Deyon Miller – 25K Instagram Followers

Deyon Miller has become a lot more active on Instagram after Dated & Related, with the majority of his posts coming after he achieved fame.

Miller’s feed shows his artistic side, as he’s known to frequent places that feature art pieces. Miller’s Instagram follower number also proves just how quickly he’s made an impact.

12/19 Joey Roppo – 51.3K Instagram Followers

Joey Roppo’s feed has a wholesome quality, with several videos dedicated to dance numbers featuring him and his sister out and about.

Roppo’s sizable following on the platform gets to see his various photoshoots, although Roppo makes sure to upload relatable content all the time.

11/19 Mady Bajor – 54.5K Instagram Followers

Mady Bajor’s sizzling presence on Dated & Related is what she offers on Instagram. Her followers are usually treated to her fashionable poses at the beach.

Bajor has used the platform to promote her time on the show, along with her endeavors with her sister that cement their strong relationship.

10/19 Dyman Miller – 57.4K Instagram Followers

Dyman Miller hasn’t posted much about Dated & Related, but her follower count has grown exponentially ever since she was on the show.

Miller’s feed mainly consists of singular photos she takes before heading out. They also include shots of her posing with her latest wardrobe choices.

9/19 Kaz Bishop – 59.5K Instagram Followers

Kaz Bishop is another personality whose Instagram followers keep increasing. Followers are treated to Bishop’s posts that pay tribute to his family.

Bishop also uploads activities he partakes either with his brother or on his own, with the majority being high-quality shots with a stylistic flare to them.

8/19 Kieran Bishop – 63K Instagram Followers

Kieran Bishop edges his brother in terms of followers, although his content is along the same lines of promoting pictures he’s taken with his twin.

Bishop’s feed is geared more toward style and fashion, with the social media personality showcasing the various fashion trends he’s adopted.

7/19 Daniel Perfetto – 64.4K Instagram Followers

Daniel Perfetto only became fully active on Instagram after Dated & Related took off, but he’s tasted a lot of success on the platform since.

Perfetto’s posts have been largely about his fitness efforts, ranging from sets at the gym to working out with his training partners to develop his physique.

6/19 Julia Perfetto – 77K Instagram Followers

Julia Perfetto appears to be an even bigger gym enthusiast than her brother, seeing as working out videos dominate her Instagram feed.

Her followers also get to see Perfetto showcase the benefits of her workouts, with tutorials for others to achieve the same results.

5/19 Alara Taneri – 84.3K Instagram Followers

Alara Taneri’s Instagram follower count has been steadily increasing, whom she treats with regular posts of her various photoshoots in different wardrobes.

Taneri’s uploads are shots or short videos primarily focused on her get-up. It works given her following keeps increasing by the day.

4/19 Diana And Nina Parsijanis – 119K Instagram Followers

The Parsijanis’ charisma made Dated & Related among the best Netflix reality shows in 2022, with the sisters sharing an account to commemorate their bond.

Along with posts with the two of them, they upload photos where one looks particularly glamorous, so their huge following probably has no complaints in this regard.

3/19 William Wade – 136K Instagram Followers

The Wades’ involvement was a guilty pleasure aspect in dating reality shows that people can’t resist, with Will Wade’s reflecting his popularity.

Although he shook up Dated & Related, Wade’s Instagram is pretty straightforward and carries professional photos of his modeling activities.

2/19 Rachel Foster – 177K Instagram Followers

Dated & Related is one of the best new reality dating shows due to personalities like Rachel Foster whose instant charisma captures viewers with ease.

Foster’s Instagram is centered around eye-catching posts of high-quality self-images to pictures of her travels to different locations.

1/19 Henry Wade – 181K Instagram Followers

Henry Wade is the Dated & Related cast member with the most social media following, easily topping everyone else with his follower count.

Wade’s feed comprises photoshoots and travel photography around the world that his fans are frequently entertained with.

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