Dark Souls 2 Emerald Herald Cosplay Brings Drangleic To Life


An expert Dark Souls 2 cosplay flawlessly recreates the Emerald Herald while posing in a location that resembles Drangleic’s hub town of Majula.

An amazing Dark Souls 2 cosplay brings the Emerald Herald to life within a backdrop resembling the game’s fantasy world of Drangleic. While it’s often considered the black sheep of FromSoftware’s dark fantasy series, Dark Souls 2 successfully built upon the first game’s foundations while introducing new characters and mechanics. One fan recently unveiled a Dark Souls 2 Heide Knight cosplay, and now another fan has transformed themselves into the title’s iconic Emerald Herald.


While it does serve as a sequel to Dark Souls, fans often express that Dark Souls 2 feels disjointed from the other games in the trilogy. This is largely because Hidetaka Miyazaki directed Dark Souls and Dark Souls 3, as well as other soulsborn titles like Bloodborne and Elden Ring, but was not involved in the second installment’s development. However, many mechanics introduced in Dark Souls 2 were groundbreaking and helped influence future FromSoftware titles. These innovative features include the ever-expanding hub town of Majula and the presence of difficulty-altering mechanics like the Company of Champions covenant. The game is still remembered less fondly than its predecessor and successor, but the different design of Dark Souls 2 has been celebrated in recent years.

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Cosplayer and Reddit user Baka_Shiko has paid homage to Dark Souls 2 by transforming themselves into the game’s Emerald Herald. The enigmatic figure guides the player through the world of Drangleic and lets them spend souls to level up, filling the same role as other FromSoftware icons like Bloodborne’s Doll and Dark Souls 3’s Fire Keeper. The cosplay perfectly captures the Emerald Herald’s wardrobe, complete with the character’s green cloak and red sash. Baka_Shiko’s cosplay is also photographed on a lush hilltop, which calls to mind the Emerald Herald’s seaside spot on the cliffs of Majula in Dark Souls 2.

Dark Souls Fans Pay Tribute With Masterful Cosplay

While Baka_Shiko has given the series’ second installment some love, an amazing Dark Souls Elite Knight cosplay pays tribute to the series’ beloved first entry instead. The impressive suit of armor apparently took a group of friends two full years to complete, but the result is well worth the effort. The real-life Elite Knight set looks like an in-game screenshot of the memorable outfit, reflecting every detail from the armor’s shiny helmet to its decorated cloth chestpiece.

Dark Souls 2 is an underrated title in the FromSoftware library, and Baka_Shiko has honored the fantasy RPG by masterfully recreating the helpful Emerald Herald. The mysterious figure serves as the player’s stalwart companion throughout the game, making her one of the most recognizable faces from the second Dark Souls game. By posing on a backdrop that resembles the coastal town of Majula, Baka_Shiko manages to elevate this Dark Souls 2 cosplay to even greater heights.

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